10 Interesting Tips to Boost Your Self Confidence

If you ever feel like your everyday routine is getting a little stale and it’s bringing you down, why not try making some little changes? Even if they’re only minimal things, they’re sure to boost your ego. The routine most of us have can be demanding and exhausting, leaving us with very little time for ourselves, and that’s never a good thing. Dedicating precious time to yourself can help you fight off anxiety and depression, as well as contribute to your general well-being.

Here we have compiled a list of 10 tips you can use to boost that self-confidence and make you a better person:

Change Your look

Even though it’s just a small thing, changing your hairstyle and color or trying on that red dress or those extravagant shoes that you’ve never used before can do wonders for your self-confidence. Just book an appointment at your favorite salon and let them go to town on you: hair, nails, makeup – the works! If you’re feeling especially fancy you can get a facial to bring out the natural beauty of your skin, get a nice massage to relax and accept any other form of pampering you can think of. You’ll thank yourself later once you see the results.


Try looking online for a virtual makeover before taking the big leap though, websites like taaz.com – gives you the power of having a free makeover before making the final changes!

Take Up Yoga or Pilates

Not only are these excellent forms of exercise, but your body produces endorphins, a chemical that induces happiness and keeps you healthy and young looking. Just start going once or twice a week and you’ll start to feel the effects almost immediately. In the case of Yoga there’s also a big spiritual element because it’s based on millenary Buddhist teachings. Enlightenment may come to you, or at least a good workout that will leave you feeling like a million dollars. Just hit up your local gym to see if they offer any classes, or there’s always google to help you find a studio close to where you live.


Take Classes for Something New

Take up something you’ve never done before, maybe painting or some salsa dancing lessons. These creative kinds of activities will help you expand your cultural horizons and you can even make new friends, or you can bring your friends along for the ride because those kinds of things are always better when you do them surrounded by the people you love. There are few things in life as satisfying as finding out that you have a hidden talent for something you never even had any idea you could be good at. As the expression goes “it takes two to tango” – try looking for social clubs such as Meet Up online to help you look for like-minded people that shares this passion.

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Take a Trip All by Yourself

The best way to discover you is to take a trip all by yourself. It doesn’t even matter where you go because it’s not about where you’re going, it’s all about how you get there and all that you can learn about yourself along the way. Maybe there’s not enough to take that crazy euro trip right now, but you can always drive to the beach or maybe take a bus to somewhere with greener pastures. Having time to yourself and your own thoughts can reveal things that you may not even have been able to notice otherwise.

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Try to Take More Risks

People say that life begins outside of your comfort zone, so it’s never a bad idea to do something risky every now and then. When was the last time you did something really wild? Can you even remember? Has it even happened? Maybe you’ve always wanted to save up for a backpacking trip to Europe and see cities and landscapes completely foreign to what you’re used to, but have been afraid to do it in case you needed the money for some kind of emergency that may never even happen. We’re not advocating splurging money, but it never hurts to be a little brash. Like the British Special Air Service’s Motto says, Who dares, wins. Research from Marcus Taylor the brains behind the world’s first “Comfort Calculator” suggests that “males have a larger comfort zone than females, but when you break it down by ‘comfort zone types’ it’s clear that while men have a larger professional and adrenaline comfort zone, women have a larger ‘lifestyle comfort zone’.” Ultimately meaning that “expanding your comfort zone and being able to accept and complete new challenges with greater ease, you need to be progressive.”

Visit a Casino

Mental exercise at a card table can do wonders for your confidence, as always. Just grab a little bit of cash and go for a night out to the casino. Put on a little black dress and your favorite high heels and go hit the blackjack table. The adrenaline rush you get is undeniable and can make you feel like a new person. Of course, everything in moderation; if you’re going to do it, be sure to limit the amount you’re willing to gamble away because you never know what will happen at the tables. If you don’t know how to play, there are gaming websites online such as Full Tilt, that you can play for free to help engage your thoughts and explore different game play strategies. In fact, it’s better to start online as you can treat them as training tables where you can play for fun while you get better.


Start a Personal Project or Pick Up a New Hobby

Doing something you love that doesn’t feel like a chore will do wonders for you, whether you enjoy knitting, surfing, reading a book or maybe hiking. It’s a good way to learn more about yourself, plus you’re often creating something, which gives an overall feeling of satisfaction that’s hard to top. Once you finish your project you’ll feel very proud and will have probably learned a thing or two.

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Join a Club For a Cause

This can be anything from joining a book club to volunteering for a soup kitchen. You get to meet likeminded people with whom you can discuss openly about all the things you like, and in the case of volunteering, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping out your community. It can also be an activity like a study group, which gives you the chance to expand your intellectual horizons. You could even make the case for eventually jumping into college, even if it’s just for short courses if you’ve already attended and graduated. However with the wonders of online technology why not bring it home to yourself, where you can learn from home from sites such as alison.com and know that you will be joining over 5 million learners around the world and choose from over 750 courses available.

Set a Long Term Goal – And Meet It

What do you most desire but have never actually had the chance to do? Did life get in the way? Or did you just give up because you thought it was too farfetched to pull off? Give that thing a second chance and plan for it. Make a realistic goal and set yourself a good time frame so you can work it. Maybe you always wanted to visit the beautiful, historic and unique Prague, but never really set aside money for it. Just set aside a little bit of money every week for a year and at the very least you’ll have a good starting amount to eventually take that unforgettable vacation to Europe.


Do Something Daring For Your Love Life

Lastly (if dare), try something new with your boyfriend or husband, maybe a little bite here and there. Or if you’re single, how about asking out that cute but shy guy you’ve always liked, who always blushes when he tries to talk to you? Nothing can boost your confidence like feeling sexy and desired. If you’ve never been adventurous in your love life, now is as good a time as any, so get out there, start loving more and conquer yourself and the world.

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