11 pieces of advice on goal achievement with BetterMe fitness app

Have you heard of BetterMe fitness app before? It’s high time you had. This app was designed in order to help its users achieve beautiful results with minimum equipment: just their phone and resolve.

BetterMe app is compatible with iOS and Android OS and occupies leading positions among fellow fitness apps on PlayStore and AppStore. Users from different countries and continents have lots of good things to say about this app.

BetterMe app, your personal guide to the world of fitness

What’s the definition of a useful app? We’d say, it’s an app that 100% delivers on what’s promised. And BetterMe weight loss and workout app does deliver. To get the most out of it, know what this app does best and use those features to your advantage.

  1. Be motivated. If you feel like the goals you set for yourself appear too far or too large, try splitting these tasks into smaller chunks or setting up a ladder to help you. Installing BetterMe on your phone is one of many small but very significant steps you’ll take on your way to your dream fitness and health goals. Now that you already have it, you might as well try it out.
  2. Track your progress. BetterMe fitness app will ask you to enter both your current weight and your target weight. Then, you’ll end each week by entering your ever-changing post-workout weight into the app and see how far you’ve come. Weight loss and getting in shape isn’t something that is achieved overnight or by eating magical pills. It’s a complex of conscious decisions. BetterMe weight tracker lets you turn in-between progress into tangible numbers.
  3. Be guided by fitness BetterMe is where technology meets health advice, and it’s important that the exercises are not only effective but also not harmful. BetterMe developers are working closely with professional fitness coaches. The workouts are short but efficient and go well with a hectic lifestyle when every 15 minutes count. You won’t need any special items as you workout, just a little bit of space, a rug or a mat, maybe a wall or a sofa to throw your weight against. All you need to do is follow the instructions!
  4. Be guided by dieting experts. Similarly to engaging the services of fitness trainers, BetterMe has also developed a free-of-charge healthy eating program to facilitate your counting of calories and consuming the good kinds of nutrients. It’s easier to get in a better physical shape when you can fall back on a healthy exercise program and healthy diet program.
  5. Set up reminders. BetterMe lets you schedule your exercises and reminds you about them.
  6. Try BetterMe for free. You can try the BetterMe fitness app free of charge. There’s enough time to see if this something that you’d like to have in your life for longer.
  7. Get Premium access. BetterMe app price isn’t that high when you realize that for a single payment you get an unlimited access to all available levels of workouts.

  1. Target problem areas. BetterMe exercises are grouped around a specific area, so the process of getting fit can be gradual. Make up your mind about which body part you’d like to tone first.
  2. Choose comfortable difficulty level. Try not to push yourself too hard, because beginner and pro levels are designed for different versions of you. Remember when we talked about splitting your major goal into a smaller goal? Start with being a newbie. If, however, you are a seasoned fitness guru, BetterMe has a difficulty level for you, too.
  3. Keep challenging yourself. As mentioned above, BetterMe has a number of pleasant surprises up its electronic sleeve. It’s interesting for fitness beginners, mid-levellers and professionals alike. The BetterMe 28-day challenge is something definitely worth trying!
  4. Your feedback is heard. The app makes it incredibly easy to send a note to the developers.

There’s a BetterMe website, too

Count is as another advice on how to make the most of BetterMe. The website’s called BetterMe Guru and it’s full of additional helpful stuff like workout tips, health and diet advice, even occasional relationship and psychology advice, too, because, frankly, one physical health should flourish in harmony with one’s mental well-being.

BetterMe Facebook is a fun place to check out, too, and it’s also the place where you can look up the ratings and public opinions. While we’re at it, go check BetterMe user reviews to see what kind of user feedback is prevalent.


❝Reliable, customized, motivating.”

Hilde Sinding


❝New mom starting to work out again, this app help me do that. I actually look forward to the work outs!”

Ashley Crutchfield


❝This app is the best workout app I ever seen it tracks how many calories you have burnt and it shows you step by step workout.”

Brianna McInnis


❝Perfect for personalizing what I need, and being able to set individual reminders throughout the day for specific parts of my body. The meal help is great too, instantly went shopping according to the weeks meal plans. Cheap, easy, yummy. Perfect perfect perfect!”


BetterMe user experience

Is BetterMe an app that has a user-friendly interface? Absolutely. All in-app navigation is easy and intuitive. In just a few minutes, you’ll set up your profile and can start your first BetterMe workout session by following the thorough instructions.

The app is currently available in three languages, English, Spanish, and German, and the developers have promised to introduce new languages soon.


There are so many opportunities, open borders, technological advancement that virtually everything is possible. Travelling, getting fit, defying gravity and physical limitations, trying yourself in new, unexpected capacities. The paradox of the modern world is that we can have and try it all, but we just don’t have the time for this.


As you’re scrolling through the infinite list of fitness apps in attempts to find something that would remotely resemble coach-guided workouts, go look for the BetterMe fitness app.


If you’ve already tried the app, leave a comment below! What’s your user experience story? How long did you try it out for, do you still have the app? How did you find BetterMe free trial version? Is BetterMe worth its price? What are your BetterMe results? Is there anything they should improve on or consider introducing into the options? Tell all!

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