5 Classic Wedding Dresses That Never Go Out Of Style


One of the most vital components of a perfect wedding is the bride’s dress. For some brides, the first dress they try on is perfect. Others take a little bit more time to choose the most superb dress. Doing a little bit of research ahead of time can reduce the frustration and time spent searching for that one special garment.

Some gowns are classics and will never go out of style. For the bride who values timeless elegance the following styles just might be what you’re looking for.


A-Plus for the A-Line

One time-honored style that is just as relevant today as it has ever been is the A-line cut. One of the reasons for this is that just about any body type can pull off an A-line. This style of dress is typically more forgiving of wide hips and thicker thighs. Similarly, women who have a large bust but small hips and thighs can pull off an A-line to balance their body shape.

Ball Gowns Befitting a Princess

Any woman wants to feel like the belle of the ball on her wedding day. The easiest way to pull this off is with a stunning ball gown. These dresses typically have a fitted top with a cascading floor length skirt. Popular fabrics used in ball gowns vary from silk and satin to lace and tulle. This type of gown suites a pear shape or slim figure best.

Sleek Sheath

Sheath dresses, otherwise known as column dresses are a classic fit that is perfect for a fit bride who has nothing to hide. Sheath wedding dresses can be simple or very intricate. Sheath dresses are commonly made from simple satin as a slip dress or with a heavier damask fabric for added effect.

Mermaids Have All the Fun

A cut with timeless elegance is the mermaid style gown. As you can imagine, the mermaid gown incorporates a fitted bodice with a fitted silhouette and a flared bottom. A mermaid gown can be very versatile up top, with halters, off the shoulder, or in strapless versions. All are equally popular among brides-to-be. As evidenced by the wedding dress galleries showcased by Essense Designs, women of all heights can pull off a mermaid cut, but keep in mind this is a dress designed to show off curves.

Sound the Trumpet

The trumpet style is a variation of the mermaid, but usually entails a much longer train, though the exception is not always the rule. The fit is similar to a mermaid cut on a trumpet gown. A fitted bodice, either with sleeves, or without, makes up the top of a trumpet style gown. These dresses often are accompanied by stylish and ornate belts embellished with crystals, jewels, or flowers.

Knowing the most popular cuts and style of wedding dresses can be helpful to a new bride-to-be when shopping for a gown. Also, understanding her own body-type assists in the process of picking a great dress. When it comes to her wedding day, a bride will feel her best wearing a dress that fits her body type in the most complimentary way possible. Don’t be afraid to try on several styles before deciding on a favorite. With the help of this guide, it’s difficult to go wrong.


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