Some women love to spend time indulging in their makeup routine, making sure everything is flawless and perfect….and then there’s the rest of us who you’ll spot swiping on mascara doing 75 down the freeway. This article is for you, hurried modern woman!

Beauty companies are well aware that  not everyone has an abundance of time, nor do they necessarily want to spend a lot of time to look fabulous. That’s why many brands are creating wonderful multi-purpose products to ease our routine and get us out the door in a flash. If you are an easy breezy, on-the-go kinda lady, here’s a few products from our favorite cosmetic brands that are definitely worthy of your makeup bag:

1. Smashbox Waterproof Shadow Liner Pencil

These creamy jumbo sized pencils are super easy to control (especially if you don’t feel very comfortable using brushes), and come with a nice smudger on the back end to blend with. And talk about portable, these are as travel friendly as it gets as far as eyeshadow is concerned! Make Up For Ever and Urban Decay have similar jumbo pencils, so be sure to check those out too.

TIP: Cover the entire eyelid in your favorite shade and then blend it into the crease using the smudger. Then, line around the eye in the same shade. Instant smokey eye!








2. Yves Saint Laurent Glossy Stain for Lips

No more multi-step lips! This product goes on rich like a liquid lipstick, lasts like a lip stain, and provides beautiful shine like a gloss, all in one swipe! Not only will it make you look instantly polished, but it truly lasts so that you don’t even have to think about a touchup. If you’re a ‘long wear’ type of gal, also check out Make Up For Ever’s new Aqua Rouge liquid lip color which is similar, but achieved in two steps (the color and a separate gloss topcoat) instead of one.

TIP: Make sure lips are smooth before applying any lip product by gently exfoliating them with your toothbrush in the morning. Long lasting products like these really cling to the lips and could highlight any dry, dead skin.














3. Stila Convertible Color for Lips and Cheeks

This is a must have for anyone who loves a fresh daytime look! Stila’s creamy convertible colors blend seamlessly onto cheeks as a cream blush and can also be patted onto lips for a flush of color. Nars makes a similar product in a stick called ‘The Multiple’ that is also excellent!

TIP: These products are easily applied and blended with your fingers. However, if you prefer to keep your hands clean, a foundation brush works brilliantly to blend the color onto cheeks and you can use any regular lip brush for the lips.














4. Bobbi Brown BB Cream

In case you didn’t know, BB stands for ‘Beauty Balm,’ and this wonder product combines amazing skin care benefits, coverage like a light foundation, and sun protection with broad spectrum SPF 35. Not having to put layer after layer of product on your skin in the morning leaves the skin feeling light and fresh, and leaves you with a little extra time too. Many other brands have recently joined the BB cream bandwagon, although most only have one or a few ‘universal shades’. If your skin tone requires a more complete color range, also check out Smashbox’s BB Cream, available in 5 shades.

TIP: Although BB cream has skincare benefits and is moisturizing, you can still use additional skincare specific to your needs if you prefer. Any serums or other moisturizer you apply should go on beneath the BB cream.











5. Benefit’s The Porefessional

This handy dandy translucent product goes on (with or without makeup on top) to fill in pores and lines, completely absorb shine, and thus leave the skin looking smooth and refined. Beneath makeup it acts as a wonderful primer, and it can also be used in lieu of powder to get rid of shine throughout the day by applying it on top of your makeup.

TIP: Use only a pea sized amount for your entire face and focus on your T-zone, which is where most pores and shine are found. If you have dry skin, this product may not be ideal for you, or may be best used only in your ‘shiny’ areas like the nose.















Post by Melissa Murdick, a professional makeup artist based in Los Angeles. Visit her website at www.melissamurdick.com, or for daily beauty tips and more makeup know-how, follow Melissa on twitter @melissamthemua.




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