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Washington Bred Nathan Gamble first marked his place in Hollywood playing Brad Pitt’s son in Babel. Now, a couple years later, and much older Gamble returns to the screen in Dolphin Tale 2, the sequel to the critically acclaimed first installment in the franchise—Dolphin Tale, starring alongside names like Ashley Judd and Morgan Freeman. With a shining personality and budding presence in TV+Film Gamble’s making sure his placed mark in the Hollywood Machine doesn’t get overlooked.

What was it like working w/ Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd and Harry Connick Jr.?
These are massive stars we’re talking about here, so naturally I was very intimidated at first. But when I finally got to meet them, every single one of them was very kind, humble and professional actors. On this second film, I got to really get to know who they are.

How’d it feel being nominated for a Young Artist Award?
Very honorable. It’s a great thing to be accepted into. I was very surprised. When I heard the news I was like, really? For that one? Okay–but nonetheless I was very honored.

As a spokesperson for the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, what’re some things you get to do?
Some really cool stuff. We gather kids and parents, ya know fans of Dolphin Tale and we talk to them about what the aquarium does for the animals. I answer questions about my life and how I got into acting, and I love answering their questions. After that we sort of do a meet-and-greet and I take pictures with fans, we all have a great time.

Coming into the second film, how were things different?
For starters, I have a very outgoing personality, and in the first film my character is very shy and keeps to himself a lot. In this second film he’s a little more outgoing. I got to broaden his character more, which is pretty cool for me to have the chance to do.

You’re a self –proclaimed Lego lover? When did your love for Legos begin?
A long time ago, my next-door neighbor, she gave me this bucket of random Lego blocks. That’s really when I got into it. My favorite movie now is probably the Lego movie–hands down. I love my Legos and I don’t like when people touch them. They might think that makes me a bad guy, but they’re my Legos, I don’t care! I also don’t like to admit it but I’m a pretty massive gamer, and I’m also not ashamed to say that I plug in 20-30 hours of playing games. I could cure cancer with the amount of time and money I spend on games. My favorite at the moment is The Last of Us on PS3.

Dolphin Tale 2 is in theaters now.

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