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In honor of tonight’s finale of ‘The Following,’ Bello’s bringing to you ‘5 Things With Nico Tortorella, Joe Carroll’s latest fallen minion. Now although Today marks a sad day for fans of the FOX series, we have just the news to keep you “followers” going. Nico Tortorella is covering Bello Magazine’s Fashion Cover coming to newsstands early May. With news like that, any and every death that goes down in tonight’s episode won’t be too much to bare, now would it?

1. He collects Taxidermy. “I have a Bear rug, a couple Bear heads, four Deers, ferrels, a jackal” He tells me-“My grandmother’s an antique dealer, and she always had taxidermy in the house, so I totally adopted it I guess.”

2. “I collect antique underwear, like long johns. I collect a lot of things. I’m a collector, I’m not a hoarder, some people might say that.”

3. His favorite restaurant is a sushi spot called;  Shabuya in Calabasas. “It’s far, but it’s definitely the best sushi in all of California.

4. In the city that never sleeps, he’d rather stay at home most of the time. “I’m a homebody. I order in a lot. And when I do go out, I mainly stay in Williamsburg, bar hopping..”

5. He has three dogs, and they have the coolest names ever. “Their names are Momma, Brotha, and Papa. Papas’ the youngest, Brother’s in the middle, and Mom’s the oldest.” 

Don’t miss the Following’s season 1 finale tonight on FOX 9/8c. 

And Look out for Nico in Bello Magazine’s May Issue on Apple Newstands. 

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