5 TV Shows To Be Thankful For

Those are some of BELLO favorite TV shows this year:

1. American Horror Story – amazingly acted and directed, and very well written. This is definitely the number one show and a real revelation for FX

2. Revenge – the cast is just ext ordinary, the plot is interesting, and the feeling of Hampton’s just makes us want to run away from Los Angeles as far as we can.

3. Modern Family – Yes I know that New Girl is rocking the comedy this season but Modern Family is still our favorite. Always there when you need a good laugh.

4. The Vampire Diaries – The only teenage show we would ever recommend as the plot is always very well written (never gets boring) but it is the best cast on TV that makes this show so amazing. Wait till you read an exclusive interview with Steven R McQueen our cover feature of BELLO #31 (coming soon)

5. The Walking Dead – even though this season is not as good as the first one we amend AMC for bringing zombies to TV in such a creative way.

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