6 Groom Style Trends for 2016

Whether you’re a bride-to-be looking for ideas to suggest to your guy or a groom-to-be trying to handle your own menswear for the wedding, this style guide will help you stay on trend with the 2016 groom styles.

  1. A Colored Suit

No longer do grooms have to stick with the tried-and-true black, white, and grey. If you’re looking to add a pop of color into your wedding festivities, don’t be afraid to rock a differently colored suit. Many grooms this year are leaning towards hues of brown and even burgundy for a more rustic, earthy feel. Grooms are also going away from navy blue and trying brighter hues of this classic wedding color. One thing to keep in mind is the season in in which your nuptials are taking place. Lighter colors will definitely help the groom who expects to stand in the blaring sun in the summer months, and thicker, darker suits will work for those grooms who will wait for their bride to take that momentous walk down the aisle during those chillier months. Also make sure you coordinate with the bride to ensure the bridal party looks complement each other.

  1. Mix and Match

You don’t have to stay monochromatic, and a forecasted groom style trend this year is the mix and match of color and pattern. Try a three-piece suit in a differing color from your pants for a high-fashion appearance that will draw the eye as you wait for your beautiful bride to walk down the aisle. It will take a bit of finagling and a touch of fashion savvy, but if you can pull it off it will make for a groomsmen look you likely won’t see repeated elsewhere.

  1. Add an Accent Hue

Even if you do decide to stick with a traditional groomsmen’s suit color, you can still add a pop of color and personality into your outfit. Consider a colorful pocket square that will fall over your heart and brighten up your outfit. For a more classic approach to color, use a bowtie or tie to add pattern and flavor to your suit.

  1. Personality-Filled Groomsmen

Many brides have gone the route of requesting various hues and style of dress for their bridesmaids, and this trend is catching up to the groom’s side of the bridal party. Instead of forcing every guy to rock suspenders and a long sleeve button up, you can allow the men of the bridal party to take their own spin on the outfit theme. The easiest way to pull off this theme is to keep the groom’s look different from his groomsmen to ensure he truly stands out. Beyond this, you can allow the groomsmen a few options; some may wear ties, others may opt for a bow tie, and some may choose to forgo the suspenders. To kill two birds with one stone, grab some personalized presents for your groomsmen that can be added to their outfit like customized cufflinks.

  1. Patterned Looks

This is a loud option for sure, but if you can pull it off, a patterned suit will definitely turn some eyes on your wedding day. From the subtle to the overstated, patterned suits have been seen on runways all over the world this year, so don’t be surprised when you encounter similar options during your tux and suit shopping.

  1. Accessories Galore

Accessories aren’t just for the bride, and a few well-selected additions to an already dapper outfit can pull the wedding look together for any groom and his groomsmen. Add a waistcoat for a debonair look that the most revered men in history have sported. Wear a refined Daniel Wellington watch to add a bit of shine to your suit and to make sure you’re on time for everything on the most important day of your life. Want to really go old school? Add a pocket watch chain (even if there’s no pocket watch attached to it). This look will definitely get you an approving nod from any old-century men in your wedding audience.

If you’re preparing for a wonderful wedding day, try these style trends for a look that will turn your wedding hall into a fashion runway and ensure your wedding pictures are a thing to be marveled at for years to come.

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