6 Romantic Gestures to Keep Things Hot for the Winter

With the busy holiday season approaching, romance can often take the back seat to taking care of the kids, finding the perfect presents, and getting the house prepped for guests. By adding in these special romantic gestures throughout the cold months, you’ll improve your marriage and make her feel cherished and appreciated.

  1. Get Creative

The amount of time and effort spent on a romantic gesture is surely correlated to how well it’s received, and making a homemade gift for your sweetheart will definitely be an unexpected surprise that she’ll adore. If you don’t have an artistic bone in your body, you can always speak from the heart for a sentimental gift she’ll never see coming. That’s right, fellas, take out that good old pen and write down the reasons you love her. Even if words aren’t your thing, simply list out ways she makes you happy. Just the fact that you took the time to explain to her why she means so much to you will bring a happy tear to her eye and score you some major love points, no matter the occasion.

  1. Plan a Special Surprise Delivery

Make her day at the office better with a surprise delivery right to her desk. She’ll love that you took the time to plan something special for her day, and her coworkers will be envious of her thoughtful husband or boyfriend. You can go with the classic flowers, or sweeten the deal and send along some decadent baked treats that she can share with the office. Is she a chocolate lover? You won’t go wrong with a delivery of chocolate covered strawberries or delicious truffles. If you’re lucky, she’ll bring any leftovers home that you can munch on between all of her “thank you” kisses.

  1. Plan a Stay-Cation

Book a suite at a nice hotel downtown for the night, or for a more modern trend try booking something through airbnb. You can do it during the week to ensure better prices, or go all out and splurge for a weekend stay. Send the kids off to their grandparents or friends house, or hire a trusted babysitter to stay the night. Call ahead and ask the hotel staff to do a romantic display in the hotel room, whether it be rose petals or a delivery of champagne and sweet treats. She won’t believe your planning, and you’ll save money on travel while still feeling like you’re away from home.

  1. Breakfast in Bed

For an inexpensive but romantic gesture, plan to get up a little earlier than normal and serve your wife or girlfriend her favorite meal in bed. Pull out all the stops, and make a meal fit for a queen. Buy a simple breakfast tray, line it with waffles, bacon, eggs, or preferred breakfast food and complement your display with a single flower in a vase. When she wakes, she’ll think she’s still dreaming. Get the kids involved and then have them pen some cards explaining why they love their mommy. This gift is sure to warm her heart and soul during those cold winter months.

  1. Take Her to a Holiday Event

Use the season to your advantage for some romantic date ideas. Even if you’re not the guy who usually likes to partake in holiday festivities, if it’s something she loves, put in the effort and surprise her this holiday season. Whether it’s a trip to an ice skating rink (where you don a Santa hat) or a ticket to your city’s winter wonderland festivities, she’ll love getting to revel in the holiday season with her favorite guy.

  1. A Romantic (Repeat) Proposal

For all the married guys out there, impress her this winter by redoing your proposal—it’s sure to be a surprise she’ll never see coming. Buy her a fake engagement ring as a little reenactment of the day you actually proposed. You can take her to the same spot of the proposal and really blow her socks off with a hint of your past romantic antics. If you really want to take it up a notch, make it even more romantic by suggesting a recommitment of your vows in suitable attire, and invite your family and hers to watch you both recommit yourselves to each other.

If you’re looking to bring back some sizzle into your relationship this winter, make sure the special woman in your life knows how much you love her with some of these perfect romantic gestures. No matter the price or gift chosen, she’ll adore your efforts.

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