7 Classic Gift Ideas with a Unique Twist for the Wonderful Woman in Your Life

Don’t give a mediocre gift to a woman who is anything but. Up your romance game and put your own spin on a classic gift idea to really blow her mind, no matter the occasion.

1) Uncork Some Creativity

A bottle of her favorite wine can usually do the trick, but go above and beyond for your lady with a personalized wine bottle. More likely than not, she’s never received anything like it, and you can customize the label to pretty much anything you can come up with. Whether it’s a picture of the two of you, a special inside joke you share, or a date you want to forever remember, she’ll be shocked and impressed with this gift.

2) Floral Fantasy

Flowers are always a classic go-to for women, but step up your game and order her an arrangement she’s likely never even seen before. A delivery of a rainbow rose bouquet to her office will gain envious glances and make her feel like the most cherished woman in the world. The unique multicolored petals are seriously cool and will be sure to impress her.

3) Skip the Restaurant

The classic dinner out is always a nice gesture, but it can get old fast, especially if you fall into a habit of only going to one restaurant. Leave the waiters behind and get creative for an upcoming anniversary or special occasion by grabbing some tickets to an awesome food and wine festival. A simple Google search should help you figure out what might be coming to your area soon, and you can select an event that will cater to her tastes. Whether it be a barbecue cookout or a salsa fair, you’ll create lasting memories and not have to worry about leaving an appropriate tip. Note: even if you’re not heading to a classy restaurant, be sure to groom and look your best for your date.

4) Jewelry

If your girl is into a nice diamond or two, jewelry is usually a bona fide choice, but you can make it exciting by personalizing whatever you choose with your initials, a special date, or her nickname. An inscription of your sentiments is surely going to impress her more than the jewelry itself, and you’ll score yourself some major points in the gift department.

5) Take a Class

If she loves learning new things and is a hands-on type of gal, skip the tired old painting classes and move onto something like pottery throwing. You can sit and sculpt your own vases (perfect for the flowers you’ll surprise her with when you get home at the end of the night) and get your hands messy in a fun date night that the both of you can enjoy. My apologies if she forces you to watch Patrick Swayze in “Ghost” to prepare for your date (have tissues for her waiting nearby).

6) Massage at Home

A massage is usually a well-received gift, but it can cost a pretty penny for something she’ll only get to enjoy for an hour. You can always offer to give her a massage yourself, but let’s be real—it ends up being more of a gift for you. Be selfless and buy her a shoulder massage cushion that she can use to get out muscle pain simply by laying down or sitting back against it. It’s way more cost-efficient than booking her a session with a masseuse, and she’ll be able to use it over and over again. A happy girlfriend or wife makes for a happy man, so do her and yourself a favor with this awesome gift idea.

7) Being Cheesy Never Felt So Good

Is a cheese plate your go-to appetizer whenever the two of you go out to eat? Do you sometimes wonder if she would choose parmesan over you if forced to make the choice? If this sounds familiar, then the unique gift you need is here. Instead of an herb garden that will likely die before it gets used or a cutting board that will get lost in the back of the cabinet, buy her a cheese making kit. I can pretty much guarantee she’s never received anything like it, but she’ll soon wonder how she ever lived without it. You’ll definitely reap the rewards as you sample all of her creations.

If there’s a wonderful woman in your life that you’d like to impress with a unique gift catered just to her, pick from this awesome list and make her day. You can thank me later.

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