7 of the Top Summer Nail Trends for 2017

Beautiful, well-manicured nails are something that many women strive for despite the fact our nails take a beating on a daily basis. Summer is the season when nails become a primary focus, mostly because we’re also showing off our toes. So it’s no surprise that nail trends tend to really take off during this time of year.

To get an idea of the latest nail trends to watch out for this summer we enlisted the help of the experts at Dashing Diva. Their business is all about innovative nail design, which means they always have a manicured finger on the pulse of what’s trending in the industry. Here’s a look at the nail shapes, styles, and products they expect to see more of over the next several months:

Matte Colors

Just like lipstick and foundation, matte finishes have become extremely popular in the nail industry over the last year or so. Not long ago Bello Mag highlighted matte nails, naming the look one of the top summer trends, and Dashing Diva agrees.

All over matte color is becoming a common request, but you can also get creative with designs that blend matte and glossy finishes. The combination looks particularly good with dark colors, but it can also work with metallic as well. Check out our previous post for a step-by-step guide on how to master matte nails.

Say Hello to the Squoval Nail Shape

Last year the stiletto shape was all the rage. It was edgy and daring, but the dagger-like shape can also be a little dangerous. This summer the more practical squoval shape is heating up. As the name suggests, squoval nails have an oval shape that’s squared off at the end. It’s more natural looking and easier to maintain so you can expect to see more women sporting the squoval shape this summer.

Getting Salon-Worthy Designs With Nail Wraps 

Lately, manicurists have been going all out with one-of-a-kind nail designs that turn the tips of fingers into works of art. The only problem is most women don’t have a Rihanna-sized nail budget. The solution – nail wraps. If you’re not familiar with nail wraps, they’re thin acrylic decals that can be smoothed onto nails and cut to fit for an instant custom design.

One of the newest options are translucent nail wraps that have a design without a colored background. You can either place them directly on your bare nails or layer on a colored nail polish first. Seal with a top coat and nail wraps can last at least five days.

Psychodelic, Holographic Nails

Move over metallics. Holographic nails are the newest way to make your digits shine this summer. The chromed-out look got people’s attention last fall when models like Gigi Hadid started posting picks of their holographic nails on Instagram. We’re particularly keen on the silvery versions that create a rainbow hologram effect in the light.

Painting Just the Tips

For ladies with long nails there’s a trend towards using less paint. Instead of coating the entire nail in color, manicurists are painting just the tips and doing a gentle ombre fade to a bare nail with a clear coat. The look is particularly trendy for those that prefer a stiletto shape.

The Bolder and Brighter, The Better

During the summer our wardrobes get a serious surge of high-impact color to match the season, and nails tend to follow suit. This summer the colors are bolder and brighter than ever. Electric tangerine is set to be the “it” nail color for summer 2017, but neon aqua will also be on trend.

Mismatched Nails

The mismatched nail trend has been on the rise for several years, and summer 2017 seems to be the season when it’s going to be the norm. Rather than a simple, monochromatic look, you can give each nail its own personality by combining the trends above. You can incorporate matte and glossy finishes while using a decorative decal one just one or two nails.

Nailing this trend isn’t always easy. It can look haphazard and messy if you don’t tie the look together with some sort of common thread.

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