8 Quick Tips for Your First Visit to America

Have you booked your ticket for your first trip to the United States? You are going to love it in the land of the free and the home of the brave. The U.S. has many epic landscapes and natural parks to explore, cities to tour, and landmarks to visit. American culture has defined the western world, and its reach has spread globally, with countries all around the world embracing the American dream through movies and entertainment.

Traveling in America is easy, it has some of the best roads in the world and private transport systems in every city. However, there are some guidelines you should adhere to about the local people and culture. Here are eight quick tips for your first trip to the U.S.

#1 Bring More Money

It’s wise to leave a little extra money aside in a reserve account that you can access if you run out of money on your trip. Remember to notify your credit card companies and online payment portals of your travels as they will possibly Block any foreign transactions.

#2 The Price You See is the Price You Get

Americans do not like to bargain o negotiate unless it is in their favor. At most places you visit, the price you see is the price you pay. The only exception being the fact that sales tax is excluded in the retail sticker price, remember to add on an additional 5% for tax

#3 Watch Your Behavior

Remember to respect all the local people in the places you visit. Don’t ever offend the flag, or American culture in any way while you are on your trip. Avoid discussing politics or social issues wherever you can as this can end up getting you in a lot of trouble.

#4 Be Alert on the Roads

The American driving system teaches its students to observe the rules of the road. Unfortunately, this means that they often don’t pay attention to things around them. Be careful on the roads and don’t assume that people see you, especially if you are driving a motorcycle.

#5 Get Your Health and Travel Insurance Before You Leave

Medicare costs are expensive in the U.S. Make sure that you notify your local healthcare provider and get coverage for your trip before you leave. The last thing you want on your journey is unexpected costs for medical bills popping up to ruin your vacation.

#6 The Drinking Water is Safe

The majority of cities and towns in the United States have safe, clean, public water facilities. However, there are a few, such as Flint, Michigan, where the water is contaminated. If you have concerns about the health standards of the local water supply, ask local people in the area, or your hotel concierge. Although it’s safe to drink the public water, we still recommend you stick to bottled water.

#7 Remember to Tip

All employees that work in the service sector rely on tips to earn a living. They make the minimum wage, and your tips provide them with an extra boost they need to get by in life. Be generous and tip your waitress or bartender on your travels.

#8 Apply for an e-visa

You will need a visa to go to the United States. The U.S. government has an approved list of countries whose citizens are allowed to move freely within the United States for a period. You can check if you are eligible for an e visa usa by visiting an online agent. The agent will help you with every step of your visa and handle any issues for you.

Wrapping Up

Your visit to the United States should leave you with many happy memories. Take the kids to Disneyland and the Grand Canyon and go shopping in New York City and Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles. Enjoy your time in the world’s most prosperous country and see as much as you can!


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