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Traveling on a plane (in coach) is not the most pleasant experience (maybe the least actually).

Have you ever embarked on a 12 hours journey with ‘seat 54E’ on your boarding pass? Just the idea of it gives me chills and not in a good way.

You enter the plane reminding (motivating) yourself that you need to embrace the sitting ‘up right’ part of your trip across the globe. You know very well that your flight attendant’s smirky smile is not showing you the way (to the back) … “yeah I know exactly where I am going” (but rather pointing out to you where you should not stop and seat comfortably) which is on those extra large seats that will turn into a bed while you will still be trying to find a comfortable position for your knees for the remaining 11 hours.

Then you will end up wishing you were the first one to have used and mark as your ‘elbow territory’ that shared armrest … don’t worry you’ll get another chance when that person will be foolish enough to go and use the bathroom. Giving you what will feel like an historical move to reclaim what you paid for.

Can you tell I love traveling coach? I am at this point in my life where I honestly rather stay home.

Sure you can actually walk by first and business class telling yourself that in 12 hours everyone will be around the same baggage carousel regardless how much they paid. Tried that many times, never actually succeed convincing myself.

I also tried the fantasy of calculating how much money I could actually spend on my destination by not spending it in a business or first class faire. Never worked either because guess what? I never had the extra money in the first place.

But things are slowly evolving. Premium Economy was created to give you a tiny tiny taste of “it gets better, if only you had more money”. Making you wish that the “back of the plane” was over booked and the poor souls cramped in economy will fill up every tiny little seats in coach pushing your ass, I mean upgrading the frequent flyer that you are to the world of Business.

And then it’s bliss. First Class? Sure we could all use some extra canapés and a better moisturizing cream. But you made it, you are in Business Class. it doesn’t matter if you (or someone else – even better) paid for it or if you were upgraded.

You have this feeling of extreme accomplishment with your life … Yeah, that’s how bad things are on a plane. You are actually being happy to indulge your butt on a seat that is half comfortable as your sofa back home and eat a pre-cooked gourmet meal. Really nothing to be proud of.

But it is part of “the experience.”

Now let’s all imagine a world where our only concern would be about improving those business class seats. Wouldn’t that be a lovely world? Maybe not, but that’s not my point.

My point is would you look at those seats.


Zodiac Aerospace presented during the Aircraft Interiors Expo this year a VIP Business First Plus Cabin for One with a new seated position developed by Zodiac this year: the Zero Gravity cradled position. You know that same position you were trying to unsuccessfully achieve in coach?



Now it’s up to the airlines to decide if they want you to travel in the famous Zero Gravity position. Very often Asian companies are known for being the first to innovate when it comes to new seats. But that is not entirely true, here in the US some companies are changing in a big way.

Of course it is fun to travel coast to coast on Virgin America and their Rock and Roll marketing but their first class in not exactly giving you full privacy and ultimate comfort, but more like the feeling of an extra large leather seat you would find inside the tour bus of a really cool singer:


What you need is a fully lie-flat seat like on American Airlines:


Or the surprising JetBlue Mint cabin with really good prices too:

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 12.03.26 AM

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 12.03.02 AM

You can do it America, you can bring back the glamour of traveling for everyone!


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