A Hunter for fall

Known as the purveyors of the iconic rubber boot, Hunter is making a strong push beyond footwear to become a fully-fleshed out fashion brand.

For fall 2017, they look to the energetic natural beauty of cosmic weather and take inspiration from the skies. From Aurora Borealis (a.k.a. the northern lights) to constellation and space camo prints, it’s all about looking up for the season.

hunter boots fw 2017 coats

With a greater focus on outerwear, silhouettes fuse form and function with a focus on keeping warm in the cold climates. The Astro parka and jacket (for women) and bomber (for men) showcase contrasting color panels, while the refined line of down jackets and parkas offer fitted silhouettes in jewel tones (and a splashy gold-hued number) with faux fur accents – a stylish way to stand out in the snow.

(Note: Hunter also has smocks, bomber-style, and others designs, but for the blistering cold of winter, stick to the parkas.)

But, it’s not all about toppers. Glitter is seen on footwear, with a quilted look – popularized by a brand with interlocking Cs – gives boots an added dimension with their glossy finish. For those who’d rather make a statement, the Snow and Pac boots (one with an “exploded” Hunter logo and another with faux fur) are sure to be social media darlings.

hunter boots fw 2017 triptych

And who can forget about their accessories? Returning for another season are the popular backpacks (this time featuring sparkly finishes and planetary motif (i.e. space camo) while totes and weekenders (big enough to hold everything needed for a 72-hour vacation) are perfect for daily use. Groceries and a bottle of wine? There’s more than enough room for both.

Of course, for those who aren’t in chilly climates for the season, there are always Hunter’s core items to wear… or you could save those for the spring.

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