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Destiny has a habit of getting its way, especially when it comes to the entertainment industry. Even though there are many with talent, drive and a photogenic disposition, not everyone makes it big. Fortuitous timing also has a say in things in stardom. Just ask Aaron Diaz.

Already a star in the Latin world as an actor/singer/model, Diaz’s career in Telenovelas was an ideal training ground for his US television debut in the prime-time series as Leon Velez, a photojournalist (and former CIA recruit) in ABC’s Quantico. Both elusive and enigmatic, he played a good guy who worked hard to uncover the truth and paid dearly for it.

As the face of the new Perry Ellis fragrance (notes of Italian bergamot, crushed lavender and verbena, infused with a blend of iced juniper, geranium and Mediterranean rosemary, with a woody dry down comprised of amber, oak moss and Indonesian sandalwood), Diaz was able to take moment from his busy schedule to answer a few questions for Bello on his past, present and future projects.

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Coming from the world of Latin dramas, how are they different than English ones in prime time (the schedule, prep work, etc.)?
They’re completely different formats. Most of the prime time Latin dramas are five hours a week, one hour daily. American dramas are one hour a week.

Is it a good stepping stone to cross over into English speaking roles?
I think it’s a good stepping stone to do any good project – doesn’t necessarily have to be in a certain place. What I’ve always looked for is [a diversity in roles]; that’s the most important thing for me. Finding the best characters that suit me at that time is also important. Of course the American market is great in terms of the type of format they’re doing – it just amazes me how they can tell one good story after another. Of course it’s a great stepping stone, definitely.

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What does the Perry Ellis man mean to you?
The Perry Ellis man is a versatile man who appreciates forward-thinking design. It’s clothing that makes you feel great because everything is designed to be comfortable… and materials have stretch and are water repellent. It’s amazing how advanced this clothing is. I can go to an elegant event and Perry Ellis has all types of clothing I could possibly need. It’s all that I wear – it’s incredible to not have to think about it and can choose from all types of options. I’ve always had very nice suits but this is a whole other level, they’re incredible. I can’t stop recommending their stuff. I want people to discover what I’ve discovered.

How does it feel like being the face of a men’s fragrance? Not many actors are, and those who represent them have long-term contracts.
It feels great. It’s exactly my image, it’s who I am. If I would have been involved in creating the scent this is what it would smell like; exactly how I imagined it. It’s a fresh masculine scent. It already became a classic for me. When men discover this scent, it’s going to be one of their favorites.

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Did you enjoy your time back in front of the camera as a model?
I had so much fun shooting it even though it was 100 degrees outside. I think it was the hottest day in the city but it was incredible. The whole team was great. I was jumping around on buildings and all that fun stuff.

What else are you working on? TV, film, music, something in Latin…?
I’m always working on something. Right now I’m at the point where I’m deciding what project I should take. Besides projects as an actor, I’m working on stories with talented writers and producers. I’m super excited with the projects that are coming up because they’re all completely different, which is what I look for. If I’m involved from the creation I’m definitely telling a story that I’m interested in telling. I’m anxious to let you all know what it will be very soon.

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