Featured in BELLO issue !#146

Brown and blue and white and black
All one color on the one-way track
We got this far and ain’t a-goin’ back
And I ain’t a-gonna grieve no more -Bob Dylan

Times, and denim trends, they are a changing. This spring, we find hints of the past in new shapes that evoke a sense of both familiarity and magic. Crochet and silks offer earthy and sleek complements to washed out flares and snug overalls. Photographer Jana Cruder captures the updated silhouettes on the streets of Hollywood, evoking nostalgia on the neoteric streets. We accept the past as we accept the now, and we ain’t gonna grieve.


Photographer: JANA CRUDER
Stylist KIMMY ERIN KERTES @kimmyerin
Makeup BRITTANY SPYKSMA HOWARD @brittanyspyksma
Hair Lisa Chamberlain with the Rex Agency @lisa.chamberlain
MODEL Bianca Gomez at Photogenics


About The Author

Aleksandar Tomovic
Editor in Chief

French photographer (of Serbian Origins) lives and works in Los Angeles. Known for his celebrity fashion editorials and recognized around the world for his european esthetics and american efficiency.

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