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Floppy hair, check! Full delicious lips, check! Soulful puppy dog eyes and smoldering smile – triple check. The only problem Alexander Koch (pronounced Coke for all you dirty birdies out there) isn’t your average teen dream. On the new CBS breakout hit ‘Under The Dome,’ he’s a slightly troubled young man (Junior Rennie) with a girl chained by the ankle to a bunk bed in his favorite fallout shelter.


Alexander Koch was featured in BELLO mag Sexy Issue #49 – August 2013. This issue available worldwide on iTunes Newsstand.

Welcome to Chester’s Mill: a place where cows get cut in half and small town baddies are loosely based on Dick Cheney with offspring that resemble James Franco and Andy Samberg’s lovechild. Those are just a couple of the reasons the new series is at the top of our latest lists of obsessions this summer ­­ the other being Alex’s incredibly creepy (but at times captivating) logic. Yes, we simply can’t get enough of the deranged­but­delectable Junior. I have a feeling this is just the beginning for Alex, whose future (like his bone structure) is looking pretty damn good from every angle.


Your last name, where’s that from?

It’s German descent, but my background’s all mixed up: German, Lebanese, amongst other things. I’m a mutt, which is always the best.

Junior Rennie, great name but what is wrong with that kid?

Perfect name right? Junior is the product of a very misled childhood. He wasn’t nurtured. So now he’s grown into himself in all the wrong ways because he wasn’t raised conducive to being…

… normal?

Mmmm yeah, maybe. He lost his mother, and remember who his father is. He encourages him to bully and fight his way through life. I mean look at big Jim.

Is Big Jim’s character really based on Dick Cheney?

You know there was a long political conversation about that. There was talk of Dick Cheney and of George Bush, Jr. A journalist reported that one of Bush’s strong motivations for going after Saddam was “…well he attacked my dad.” Now I don’t know how true that quote is, but it’s very telling, and it’s a type of family dynamic we wanted to portray.

We see him screaming with rage at the dome. Is he mentally disturbed?

A lot of people think that, but I’m not so sure. He’s got issues but I’m very protective of Junior, so I almost get borderline offended at the thought he could be crazy. I have so much love for this character already.

Can there be a romance between him and Angie? With her chained up?

Well, I was encouraged to read John Fowles ‘The Collector’ to get a sense of why Junior would do that. Some insight into that train of thought, that type of obsessive mindset. Yeah, it’s terrible, but in his mind he thinks he’s genuinely protecting her. And trust me, things get a lot worse for the people inside that dome.

What are you really into?

Music, always. I’ll be chaining up my favorite band soon (just kidding). I do love the Black Keys and my friend’s band, The Orwells. They have this great video, it’s like David Lynch meets The Supremes.


Who in Young Hollywood do you really admire at the moment?

Rooney Mara. I find her really intriguing. She seems very unique, I liked the way she explained the auditioning process for ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.’ I really liked her in that movie.

What attracts you: a) lips, b) brains, c) eyes, or d) personality

Personality leading the way, but an amalgamation of all of them.

Boxer or briefs?

Depends on the day.

What’s your personal style?

No flip flops, I’d feel like a tourist. I’m casual though, nothing complicated. Jeans and a T­shirt always works.

How was your Bello shoot?

There was a cool leather bomber jacket I wanted to keep!


Is ‘Under The Dome’ based on the book or an exact replica?

The overall story is an alternate version of the book, an alternate world. The characters are a little redesigned, so there are lots of differences… So it can go to all these new places, these new dark places.

Did you get to meet Stephen King?

He came to our first script table read, and I was so nervous. He’s a literary idol of mine. I was addicted to his short stories. They were all so poignant, they stayed with me. So when I realized I was going to be playing someone he created, it was surreal. He was having such a good time with the first episode, when the cow gets sliced in half he’s like “Yeah!” He got excited by everything. He told me, “Great read, too bad you are such a twisted lil fucker!” He’s got this really great, interesting, sense of humor, but it’s almost disarming.

What are you reading right now?

I am a bit of a bookie. I just re­read ‘The Road’ which is my favorite book. It’s so good, it’s like poetry. It’s a beautiful father and son story.

You can see beauty in some very bleak places, Alex.

I can, I like to find the beauty in the bleak, glass half full even if it’s smashed and ruined.

Is Junior’s anger causing the dome?

That’s one I haven’t heard before. I will neither confirm nor deny that. There’s a violent nature to him, he carries a lot of rage.

Were you living in Tinseltown prior to shooting in North Carolina?

Yep, last summer, I packed up my stuff in my car and just came out to L.A. With nothing planned, I crashed on a friend’s couch and got a place of my own and my first pilot. My life could have gone a completely different way.

You’ve been described as a mix of James Franco, Adam Brody and Andy Samberg. Thoughts?

[Giggling] I sound like a Lonely Island parody, but I will take it.


If a dome really did appear, where do you hope to be and with who?

I’d be in L.A. I really do love L.A. Maybe in a good hiking spot, or near the mountains. Although I’d love to be with my family and friends, having seen what can happen in that scenario. But I’m not so sure that’s such good idea.

Photographer : Marc Cartwright – www.marccartwright.com
Words by Falene Nurse
Grooming : Annah Yevelenko – www.thebelleface.com
Styling : Karen Raphael – www.karenraphael.com
Props (Chair / floor cushion) : Plantation Design – www.plantationdesign.com


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