American Horror Story … The Mystery Of ‘Balenciaga’


Are you satisfied with the new Supreme? I am. This season was kinda amazing and will probably remain – for me – as one of the most iconic seasons of AHS. So what’s in store for season 4? Did you spot any clues about the upcoming season Was Myrtle’s last word a indication?



We already know that Jessica Lange is practicing her German accent and that the season will take place in the 50’s so Hollywood Life came up with this simple theory:

German accent (confirmed) + the 50’s (confirmed) + Balenciaga (hypothetical) = Brigitte Höss.

“Brigitte was is the daughter of the notorious Rudolf Höss, the commandant of Auschwitz where more than one million Jews were exterminated. Brigitte eventually escaped Nazi Germany and eventually modeled for — you guessed it! — Balenciaga, in the 1950s. After her father was hanged, Brigitte moved to D.C. with her Irish-American husband, and spent 35 years serving the wives of senators and congressmen as manager of one of the city’s hottest boutiques.”

So what do you think? I think it would be an amazing story, a glamorous model who was raised by a monster, and hid her secret from the world for decades. Why not but isn’t that a little too easy?

And I would like to highlight one more time that Ryan Murphy was clear on the fact that “We try and do the opposite of what we’ve done before”. The Nazi topic was already treated in American Horror Story: Asylum with Dr. Arthur Arden …

+ American Horror Story Season 4 Will Take Place In …

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