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Every time you go to the beach, you see an amazing array of people. It’s one of the best places to people watch, especially if you’ve got a pair of mirror sunglasses. Some people turn up with a towel and a swimsuit; others seem to have brought half their worldly goods onto the beach with them. But how often have you turned up for a day at the beach and realized that you haven’t got everything you needed?

Next time you’re going for a day by sea, try running through our handy beach checklist before you head out the door so that you don’t leave any room for error!

Beach fashion

What you wear to the beach doesn’t really matter – you’re probably going to get all your kit off once you get there and spend most of the day in swimwear. But then again, the beach is a great place for some fun fashion statements. Worded tees and tanks are all the rage at the moment, and you can bet that a quick search online will find you just the statement you want to make.


Check out the range at ShopBetches – there’s something for everyone on this tongue-in-cheek fashion and accessory website. How about a tank that says ‘Born to run from all my problems’ or a tee with ‘Kicking ass and forgetting names’ across the front? If you have a dog, let them do the talking with a dog hoodie that says ‘Stop trying to make fetch happen.’

Beach toys

It doesn’t matter where you’re headed; if you’re going to the beach, you’re going to want to have some fun in the sun. So, think about taking a few things to entertain you and your party when you’re done with swimming and sunbathing. It doesn’t have to be complicated – a frisbee is a great toy to pack into any beach bag and can amuse a couple on the beach or a gathering of ten people. Just make sure you pick a beach that has plenty of space!


When you need to chill, have an inflatable to hand so that you can float on the gentle waves. Of course, most beaches will have plenty of shops selling beach toys, but if you’re planning on buying an inflatable, make sure you pack a pump in your bag, to save you using up a lot of your own puff in blowing up your dinghy or floating armchair!

Beach protection

We all know the dangers of too much sun, so there’s no excuse these days to go out without sunscreen, a hat, and sunnies. As well as the basics, there are a huge range of sun shelter options for the beach from push-up to pop-up tents to old fashioned sun parasols. The tents also double up as a handy changing cubicle for anyone who likes a little privacy when they’re getting out of their swimmers or Speedos.


Beach food​

There’s nothing better than watching the sun go down on the water, while you and your friends enjoy a barbecue on the beach. So, when you’re packing for any beach trip, make sure to have the necessary kit in the trunk – disposable barbecue, picnicware, and glasses, etc. – so a last-minute decision to stretch the day at the beach into the evening is easily achieved. You’ll just have to draw straws to see who has to do the run to the nearest food shop, so you have something to cook!


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