2018 undoubtedly has many big things in store for us, one of which is the rising star power of actress Ajiona Alexus. With her new Universal movie Breaking In with co-star Gabrielle Union, her starring role in season two of 13 Reasons Why, and her upcoming appearance in the Lionsgate film Acrimony alongside Taraji P. Henson, 2018 is going to be an incredible year for Ajiona. We recently caught up with her during her photo shoot as BELLO‘s newest IT GIRL, and we were as smitten as can be.


BELLO: You have an incredible sense of style. How would you say it’s evolved most over the past few years?

AJIONA: Thanks! I live by the philosophy, that if you look good you feel 10X greater. My fashion has definitely evolved over the years. I’m getting more into haute couture fashion. However I still like to wear comfortable clothing and wear something based on how I’m feeling that day..that never goes out of style.

BELLO: How blown away were you by the explosive success of 13 Reasons Why, and do you think season 2 will be even better than season 1?

AJIONA: It took me by surprise. I couldn’t believe how many people related to and connected with the story line and character. Our generation needs a show like 13 reasons Why,  is very important in our day and age, because It sheds light on topics that aren’t always easy to discuss.

I feel that season 2 is just as important as season 1. It’s very important that people see all sides of the story, the aftermath and affect that each situation has on all of the characters.

BELLO: What was your favorite memory from shooting Breaking In with Gabrielle Union?

AJIONA: My favorite memories were the intimate conversations we would have while in the hair and makeup trailer. Gab always tell some of the best stories. I enjoyed working along side of her and respect her for being such beautiful and down to earth person I could hang and laugh with her all day long.

BELLO: A new year is always a great opportunity to recalibrate our goals and direction. What’s on the top of your list in this regard?

AJIONA: I’m always focused on  out doing myself. I like to push the limits each year.

BELLO: Who inspired you most to become an actress?

AJIONA: My parents are my inspiration. They’ve always supported my dreams and have been by my side since day 1.

BELLO: What would you consider to be your ultimate dream role to portray?

AJIONA: I’ve always wanted to play an action role or super hero. Something very futuristic and different from anything else that’s already been created,  but it must have an amazing inspiring message behind it.



Interview by BRENT LAMBERT



Hair and Makeup JOEL SEBASTIAN


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