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FOX’s Lethal Weapon breakout star Chandler Kinney sits down with Bello Mag for a one on one interview on what it means to be this month’s It Girl.  From fashion to acting to philanthropy, this girl is a force not to be reckoned with.

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How did you get your start acting? 

I began dancing at the age of three and naturally transitioned into acting through theater and commercials at the age of nine. After having my first on set experience when filming a holiday dance campaign for Gap, I was intrigued with on-camera work. I began taking acting lessons around that time and immediately fell in love with the art.

A lot of fans know you from your current role on FOX’s “Lethal Weapon.” What can fans expect from your character, “Riana Murtaugh” this season? 

I’m really enjoying the direction my character is moving in. People can expect a lot of personal growth from Riana this season. She’s going through her teenage years, a very pivotal time in one’s life. She will go through a lot to find her place in her world. Fans will definitely see her develop as the season progresses; she finds her voice and is able to stand up for what she believes in with confidence. There are also many beautiful storylines involving the daddy-daughter dynamic. Her relationship with her dad will grow and change as she matures.

 What is your dream role? 

My dream role is a strong, powerful, intelligent leading-lady character in an action film where I get to film super cool fight scenes!

What advice would you give young girls just starting out in the industry?

Don’t let outdated views concerning gender roles in media ever discourage you from portraying the roles you want to portray. Never let anyone tell you your dreams are too big. And lastly, don’t compete, support. If you continue to love what you do while working hard at it, your time will most definitely come. I promise, there is enough space for all of us to succeed.

You’ve been exploding on the fashion scene lately. Who are some of your fashion inspirations? 

I’ve really been working hard on developing my fashion style and ensuring that it is uniquely me. I honestly pull fashion inspiration from a wide variety of people and sources and I believe that is reflected in my eclectic sense of how I like to present myself. I enjoy being exciting and unexpected while taking risks. In order to do so, I learn from everyone I see.

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What was your inspiration behind founding your charity, Chandler’s Friends? And tell us about your yearly Toy Wrapping event. 

The importance of philanthropy has always been emphasized to me ever since I was very young. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to work to make a difference in the lives of people in need. My mom and I created Chandler’s Friends about 3 years ago to become more involved within our community. Our organization started small as we sent handmade blankets to foster children and with time and a lot of growth, we have now been able to give back on a much larger scale.

Last year, we decided to do a special event for the holidays. Christmas is my all-time favorite holiday, and spreading holiday cheer is possibly my favorite hobby. We teamed up with Hasbro and they provided my organization with 300 toys to give, and we donated them to School on Wheels which services homeless youth. This year, we hosted a Toy Drive and Wrapping event with help from “Lethal Weapon.” It was held at my old dance studio, the Los Angeles Ballet Academy. We had an incredible turn out! We chose to donate the toys to an elementary school that could use a little help for the holiday season! Getting to personally hand out the toys to every single child was such a heartwarming experience that I’ll never forget.

What else are you looking forward to this holiday season? Do you have any special traditions in your family?

I can’t tell you just how excited I am for the holiday break. I’m most looking forward to rest and honestly, just being surrounded by family. I’ll be spending Christmas with my grandparents and cousins and I seriously can’t wait. We talk really late into the night, sleep in, eat yummy foods, and play a ton of games. Holidays with my family is one of my favorite things in the world.

We’ve chosen you for our “It Girl” feature. Pay it forward. Who are some other “it girls” in the industry or outside the industry you’d like to celebrate and why?

Talented actress and model, as well as one of my good friends, Jada Taylor is an “It Girl.” Her everyday street style is fashionable and cutting edge. She truly is bold and fearless when it comes to expressing herself and it is very admirable.

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Featured in BELLO mag issue #161.

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