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Readers out there know Bello Magazine is a fan of Dylan Sprayberry but another Sprayberry has caught our attention. Ellery Sprayberry, the younger sister of Dylan Sprayberry, fashionista and overall beauty, may soon be taking the spotlight from the teen heartthrob. The young actress has already made waves in Hollywood and is sure to be one of the next people to watch.

1.Many people in industry know how challenging becoming an actor may be, can you tell us some of the challenges you are facing starting your career.

Being in this industry is extremely hard and every actor/actress has their challenges. Some of my biggest challenges are being okay that you aren’t always going to book the role, staying motivated even if things aren’t going your way, and keep reminding myself that this is a journey not a sprint.

2.Being 17 years old, you have already made quite am impact acting in different movies, how was it landing your first couple of roles.

Well haha it was amazing! I started acting when I was a tiny little thaaang. But I still remember my 6 year old self booking my first job on House, and how excited I was. Being on set for the first time, I just absolutely fell in love with it and knew this was my passion and what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

3.What are some key lessons you have learned since you started acting?

I think some of the biggest lessons I have learned from being in this business is to just be YOURSELF and be confident with your choices because being yourself will get you the furthest. Also that even if things aren’t going your way, you keep going and chasing your dream and don’t give up because good things come to good people who work hard.

4.Has your older brother, who is also an actor (Dylan Sprayberry) inspired you in any way? How did your parents feel about you pursuing this career as well? Are there other key players that have inspired you as well.

Ohhhhhhh Dylan. Dylan is probably my biggest inspiration in my acting. I look up to him and always have: as inspiration in my acting but also just in life. I like to think that we are always inspiring each other. My parents are the best. They have always supported us. They did move us out here from Texas to act haha. My whole family are inspirations to me. By being there for me when things get difficult, everyone is so supportive and I’m so grateful for them.

5.Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

In 5 years, I see myself hopefully on an awesome show, making super cool movies, writing, starting some charities, and inspiring other people to chase their dreams!!

6.As you may know, Bello magazine is a style and lifestyle outlet. Tell us about your personal style? Favorite designer? An item you think everyone must try out?

I think I would describe my style as tomboy chic.. if that’s a thing?? Haha I like to find ways to be comfy but also look cute at the same time. I make a lot of my clothes too. I paint on my jeans and cut up my t- shirts to give it some pizzazz. My favorite stores are urban outfitters, free people, and top shop. If I had 1 tip of advice: your clothes don’t have to be expensive to be cute. You can buy a 5 dollar t-shirt, add some holes, cut it up and make it your own.

7.First word that comes to mind when you think about acting: GO.



photography ARTHUR GALVAO @artgphoto

Interview Alexandra Bonnet @bonnetalex18

styling LUKE FUNTECHA & TIFFANY YEHUDA @official_lukatonic & @tiffanyehuda

makeup LINDA MARTIN SANCHEZ @makeupbysanchez

production Maison Privée x BELLO Media Group

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