Sitting down with Landry Bender, the latest character on the Netflix series Fuller House, we discussed her life inside the House and out. Filming as the newest addition to the cast has been an incredible experience for Landry thus far. At first, she did not know what to expect. She grew up watching the older seasons of Full House, and now having seen Fuller House; she was not sure how she would fit in.

“Immediately when I stepped on the set, it was like a family.”

The original cast of Full House has known each other for 30 years, so Landry could not picture herself joining the crew, but everyone on set welcomed her in with open arms. Landry enjoys her role on the show because she counteracts the dynamic of the other characters. Her favorite part about working on Fuller House is the live audience. Never having performed in front of a live studio audience, Landry constantly forgets how passionate the fans of the show are. She loves seeing the immediate response from them while they film. Landry is hopeful for a season 4 Fuller House, as they are wrapping up the end of Season 3: Part 2, right now.

“After we see the reception from the latest season, is when we will know.”

Outside of Fuller House, Landry wishes to get into more film.

“I would love to play more dramatic characters, which are a stretch for me and a little opposite from myself, but I’d love that challenge.”

She would love to be part of a movie-musical and of course Broadway, bringing up the live audience once again, and how she craves for it. The idea of playing different characters and performing for people is what attracted Landry to the industry in the first place. Landry desires to play a real life person, whether they are still living or have passed, she believes it to be a challenging role because of the expectations and legacy behind it.

“It would be an honor if I could play someone like Audrey Hepburn.”

At only four years old, Landry remembers the exact moment she fell in love with the industry. After having seen Annie on Broadway, in her hometown of Arizona, she knew she wanted to give acting a try.

“I was jealous of the girls on stage, I knew it was what I wanted do.”

The culture shock being from Arizona did not affect Landry too much. She moved to Los Angeles when she was nine. Looking at her friend’s from back home pictures of them at “normal high schools” is unusual for Landry because she has a different life in LA, but she wouldn’t change it for a second.

“I love Los Angeles, it is amazing and I’m comfortable here.”

Outside of acting, Landry has other passions. Fashion is a huge part of Landry’s life; she would enjoy getting into the entrepreneurship side of it.

“I just love creating.”

Landry explains that whether its screenwriting, directing, or becoming an author she is up for trying it all.

“I love the idea of thinking about something in your brain and having it come to life.”

Photos – Arthur Galvao

Make Up – Grace Philips

Hair – Alexandra Adams

Stylist – Luke Funtecha

Interview – Shayna

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