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This exclusive online feature will be published in BELLO issue #156.
It has been quite the turn around the sun for Shannon Purser. Around this time last year she was working in a movie theatre and in recent weeks she had her first film come out in theaters, not to mention receiving an Emmy nomination for her role as “Barb” on the hit Netflix series “Stranger Things.” I mean who gets a Funko Pop figure with their first ever role? In addition to Wish Upon, which marked her film debut, Purser has a recurring role on the popular CW show “Riverdale,” a recurring role on the highly anticipated new NBC series “Rise,” and two more upcoming film roles,   a supporting role opposite Melissa McCarthy in Life of the Party and Sierra Burgess is a Loser in which she plays the title role.
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Congratulations on your first award nomination, an Emmy nomination for your work on “Stranger Things.” We say first because we here at Bello believe this will be the first of many. Who was the first person you spoke to when you heard the news?? How did you celebrate?
The first people I spoke to were my manager and my publicist! We were all freaking out and just so excited. I was on my way to Vancouver at the time so I couldn’t celebrate until I got to my hotel and I’m a bit of a grandma so I just ordered room service and took a bath.
A lot has happened in the past year, what is your first thought when you look back at the last 365 days?

Just “Wow.” I’m doing the kind of things that I fantasized about as a kid and it doesn’t feel real. I’m so blown away.

Your resume has been mostly dramatic so far, “Stranger Things,” “Riverdale” and Wish Upon but you have some comedy coming up with Life of Party with Melissa McCarthy. Having done both now, which do you prefer?

That’s a tough one! Firstly, people seem to underestimate how difficult comedy is! It’s the hardest thing I’ve done! Being genuinely funny and getting the timing right is so tricky and I just remember being in awe of Melissa when we worked together. I think at the end of the day, I prefer drama (probably because I’m a dramatic person and much more confident in that than in my comedic skills.) However, I love this job so much because I get to try everything and that’s what I wanna do.

Please share with our readers with your “It” book, movie, TV show and song!

Book: Eleanor & Park
Movie: The Princess Bride 
TV Show: The OA
Song: Habits-PLESTED 
Lastly, what is one thing that you can share with the readers that they would be surprised to know?
I totally wanna be in a punk band.
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Makeup Blondie @blondiemua

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