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Born and raised in California in a household of eight siblings, Talitha Bateman has quickly become a new young star to watch. Passionate about animals and being healthy, the actress will star in Annabelle: Creation in theaters August 11th. 

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Tell us about your upcoming films. Do you find it hard to juggle several projects at the same time ?

Annabelle Creation: August 11th, Geostorm: October 20th, So B. it: October 6th and Vengeance-A Love Story which comes out sometime this Fall. Then in 2018 I can be seen in Simon vs The Homo Saipan Agenda. All these films are very unique and I learned different things from each project. 

Annabelle allowed me to go through huge transformations as ‘Janice’.She started out physically frail but tough. She goes through tremendous changes and lets just say where she ends up is not what expected. In So B. It, as ‘Heidi’ I also had a character evolution. This feisty girl who was always content to not ask questions about her identity suddenly had an awakening that led her on a physical and emotional journey of self discovery. In Geostorm, I am a young girl who is worried about her risk taking Dad played by Gerard Butler, who is about to go up in space to fix a satellite and prevent an environmental disaster. In Vengeance my character enlists the help of Nicolas Cage’s character to gain justice for her mom, whom she witnessed being gang raped. And finally in Simon, my character ‘Nora’ shows love and support to her big brother ‘Simon’ played by Nick Robinson, when he is forced to reveal something he’s been keeping private to his family. Her love and adoration for him shines through and I am honored to be able to portray that. In these films, I have had the extraordinary opportunity to work with gifted, award winning directors and actors. While I have done some projects back to back, I’ve never had to juggle more than one project at the same time. I’ve always had at least a couple of days to prepare for my next project.

What was experience like working with some heavy weights of cinema ? 

While I’m filming, I never really think about how big the project is. I’m always focused on my character and bringing the story to life. For instance, I didn’t even realize how big Geostorm was until the trailer came out and everyone was posting about it. But in these upcoming films, I have worked beside a long list of talented actors that honestly is still unbelievable to me. The same with directors. For example, I got to be directed by a brand new but completely innovative director in David Sandberg, a free thinking determined director in Stephen Gyllenhaal, and an absolute legend with Greg Berlanti. Greg was so down to earth, humble and so trusting of the actors instinct that I was shocked later to see his body of work. I honestly can not believe who I have gotten to work with in these projects. 

What was your experience like working on Annabelle: Creation ?

I loved working on Annabelle Creation. I’m often the only kid in some of the projects I do. But on Annabelle there were other girls my age, who I could hangout with and talk to. So I actually became friends with my cast mates. That was the icing on the cake!

Do you get scared easily?

Not easily. I definitely get scared but not very easily. 

Was it ever to spooky working on set ?

It was almost pitch black on set, I could barely see, and that definitely made it spooky. 

Who have been your favorite screen partners so far and who would you like to work with? 

I don’t have a favorites. I have had the good fortune to work with not only talented people but also very gracious people. I did spend a summer working with Alfre Woodard and I would love to work with her again. She’s incredibly wise and unbelievably gifted. I would love to work with Vera Farmiga one day. She is a wonderful actress, she blows me away with each performance that I’ve seen. 

You look amazing in those photos. How does it feel exploring some brave fashion choices?

I grew up with five brothers, so i’ve always been a tomboy. Recently I started going to events and I realized it’s kind of customary to dress up and wear heels. So now I’ve been trying out different things, trying to find my style and it’s fun. But truthfully, at home, I still raid my brothers drawers for the most comfy T shirts! 

What is your personal fashion style ?

I don’t have an exact style. My style changes all the time. It really depends on my mood or how I feel for that day. Maybe I’m still discovering it. I never want to be stagnant in life or style. 

What is your TOP vacation spot?

I’ve actually never been on vacation, but If I could travel anywhere, I would want to go to Ireland. 

Tell us one thing no one knows about you 🙂

I’m an introvert. While I’m socializing I’ll get a headache, and that means I’ve reached my maximum socialization for the day. But being an actress means you have to go to events and premieres, so you’re kind of compelled to socialize a lot. Don’ t get me wrong, socializing can be really fun. I love people. But I am at home in a corner with a good book or on a hike where the only sound is the wind. 

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Photographer: Michael Becker
Stylist: Sarah Kinsumba
Hair: Steven Mason
Makeup: Grace Phillips

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