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One word cannot describe our upcoming Bello It Girl Feature. While there are many artists out there that consider themselves a triple threat, we can say that Temara Melek is not only an actress, dancer and philanthropist but most recognized for her career as a recording artist and singer, making her mark in the entertainment industry both nationwide and globally. Already having had success in the music industry (not to mention performing alongside other artists like Demi Lavoto), Temara is currently focusing her 2018 year to finishing her upcoming album, releasing content to her fans who have been anxiously waiting for it. Her single, “Karma’s Not Pretty” achieved #8 on the UK MTV Most Watched Video Charts, Top #10 in the VIVA Online charts, and won the Academia Music Award for “Best Pop Song”. We can only expect a lot more to come!

Since a very young age, it seems like you’ve had such a passion for performing. Can you describe to us your love of music and acting? I grew up performing, dancing, and acting so it’s something I’ve been so comfortable with and always had a huge love for. I knew it was what I wanted to be doing the rest of my life and I’m lucky I’ve gotten the opportunity to.

How would you best describe your music? Growing up dancing, I’ve always loved music that was upbeat and that I could dance to, so I would describe my music very upbeat and fun.

Where do you get your inspiration from? What are some of your favorite topics to sing about? It’s always a different process when I’m in the studio writing another song – sometimes it’s about my own experience, a friend’s experience, or just a made-up topic! I don’t have a favorite topic to sing about, though it seems to usually be love and relationships because I feel everyone can relate to that.

Your singe, “Karma’s Not Pretty” reached #8 on the UK MTV Most Watched Video Charts, Top #10 in the VIVA Online charts, and won the Academia Music Award for “Best Pop Song” in 2013. Tell us about the experience overall. How was it achieving such quick success and seeing those highlights? The reaction I got from “Karma’s Not Pretty” was crazy! It was such an amazing feeling that people loved that song as much as I did. I got to spend a lot of time in London at that time to promote it which will forever be one of my favorite experiences.

On that note, how was it opening up for Demi Lovato? If you could perform alongside anyone else today who would it be? Opening for Demi was a dream come true! I had been a fan and so getting the opportunity to meet her and share a stage with her was incredible. if I could perform with anyone today… I would love to perform with Taylor Swift, I am a big fan of hers and love her latest album! Or Little Mix. I met them while I was in the UK, they’re so talented and such sweet girls!

What are some of your professional goals? What would that “OMG I’ve made it” moment be for you? Professional goals would be to go on tour. Definitely one goal next on my list!

One thing many of our readers may not know about you is how charitable you are. You’ve not only hosted an annual UNICEF party but have been involved in various other charities. Tell us what inspires you to get involved, charities you’ve been involved in the past and what you hope for this year’s UNICEF party. I love working with UNICEF and have been involved with them for years, another charity I’m passionate about is ISF (Ian powerholder foundation). Another charity I’ve helped with the last few years that helps animals. I am a huge animal activist!

It seems like you recently had such a great shoot with Bello Mag! Can you describe to us your style? My style is constantly changing, it’s such a mix! I’d say it’s girly and edgy at the same time.

On Instagram, your fans know you are back in the recording studio which I know must be a blast for you. What do you have coming up? When can we expect a full album? I am back in the studio and so excited for what’s to come! A new single will be out in the next month, and an EP hopefully by the end of the year.

What are some words you would like to give to your fans? Thanks for sticking by me since the beginning and I can’t wait for you all to hear my new music and see what’s in store for the future!

Photography Sarah Krick @sarahkrickphotography

Hair and Makeup Tony Avina @t-avina – using Urban Decay Naked Palette

Production @maisonpriveepr_la

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