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When Anthony was just 14 years old he created a website called smosh. This was his passion project for a very long time and he and his partner Ian turned the brand into a comedy empire. Ready to fully immerse himself into a new project, Anthony will be returning to his love of creating content that he is passionate about on an individual level for his YouTube channel. With new videos launching every Monday and Friday, the channel will be filled with comedic content created, directed and produced by Anthony as an individual.
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Off the internet – Anthony is also busy on the traditional front, from on-camera acting to voiceover work, he is quickly making a name for himself in Hollywood. In 2016, Anthony was heard starring opposite Jason Sudeikis and Maya Rudolph in Columbia Picture’s “The Angry Birds Movie” and also voiced the role of Freddy in the Lionsgate animated film “Arctic Adventure: On Frozen Pond.” Anthony is regularly working on his acting chops and is currently in the process of writing his first television pilot.
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When is the last time you laughed so hard you couldn’t catch your breath?
I was relaxing in a park with Miel. There was another couple laying down near us and unbeknownst to them, Miel was imitating the leg positions of the other girl, down to every micro-movement. Miel said I was laughing so hard I sounded like a broken Tickle Me Elmo toy. This definitely doesn’t sound funny now so either I ate something I didn’t know I ate that day or I have a terrible sense of humor.
What was the #1 best moment of your summer?
I skinny dipped for the first time in a pond and now I never want to wear clothes in water again. It’s like you’re taking a bath in cold, dirty water. I would highly recommend it.
Who are your top 3 comedy gods and goddesses right now (in no particular order)?
Donald Glover, Jon Cozart, Ron Funches
How much of a comedian’s talent is innate and how much is learned?
I believe a person’s sense of humor is entirely formed through experiences and the people they interact with most.
What’s been the most rewarding part of leaving Smosh and starting fresh?
The chance to have a closer connection with my viewers and the freedom to create content that I feel truly represents me. 
Now that summer’s over, what are you most looking forward to between now and Christmas?
Fall in general. Something about dead leaves on the ground makes me feel very warm and cozy, even if it’s freezing outside. Plus wearing extra layers means I can stop sucking in and flexing all the time so it’s a much needed release.
Which comic or graphic novel are you most obsessed with right now?
Black Hole is an older graphic novel but I revisit it all the time. It’s incredibly creepy but I love the ominous tone and the art style is possibly my favorite out of all the comics I’ve read. Go read it. It will give you nightmares but you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to take on the world.
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