He plays the dynamic duo role of Henry Hart and Kid Danger in the acclaimed Nickelodeon TV series Henry Danger. However, it turns out when he’s not saving the world as a cartoon or a character, he’s simply walking his adorable Golden retriever Henry and watching Netflix at home in Los Angeles. Norman, who hails from New Mexico, has been playing the popular role of Kid Danger for several years now and he even nabbed himself the award for Favorite Male Actor at the 2017 Kids Choice Awards last year. So, when I asked him if he felt a connection to Henry he unsurprisingly replied “Oh 100%, I mean I literally grew up on set and so I feel like Henry and Jace have grown up together in a way.” The inspiring teen had a lot more to say to BELLO.

BELLO: You’ve been playing Henry Hart for so many years on the show, what’s that been like?

JACE NORMAN: I was 13 when the show started and now I’m almost 18 so I feel like I’ve definitely grown up on the show, overall I think it was a great experience but it can get scary sometimes

B: I know you’ve been very open in the past about your struggles with dyslexia, what would your advice be to a young kid in school that’s going through that right now?

JN: I think the number one thing is that you’re not stupid [young kids who have dyslexia] and that there is another way. 80% of the present population is dyslexic and I think a lot of people end up thinking they’re stupid and they drop out of school because they feel they can’t do it and then you end up doing whatever it is, selling drugs, breaking the law because it’s just not working for you because you can’t get a job

B: That’s a crazy statistic, what made you so open to talking about the learning disorder?

JN: “I see all these success stories like Steve Jobs and all these crazy successful people who are dyslexic, so there are two sides to the coin.”

B: You have such a huge following and you’re not even 18-years-old yet, how do you deal with that?

JN: “Yeah it’s this weird balance between you have all this pressure and if I think about it too much it freaks me out. I just try to be the most authentic I can be and you know sometimes when it gets overwhelming I’ll just delete the app because you can get sucked into it. It sometimes sucks you away from your true self, you’ve just got to disconnect from it and hang out with your friends and stuff. So, that’s what I do to stay grounded I guess.”

B: What would you say the hardest part about being in this industry is?

JN: “That’s a good question. I think the hardest part about being in this industry is everybody is looking at you as if you are an image and less of a person and I think that’s what makes a lot of celebrities go crazy. A lot of people know who I am but I also get a lot of people who don’t know who I am.”

B: When you’re not working, what do you do in your spare time?

JN: “It sounds weird but I like to just walk my dog and watch Netflix. I just have to disconnect from it all and kind of remember there’s a real world out there I guess.”

B: Is there anything else you want to share with your fans?

JN: “My main thing is giving the message to anyone who has anxiety or ADHD or dyslexia that there is hope for sure and that it is an advantage.”

The Adventure of Kid Danger, which is a half-hour animated series inspired by Henry Danger, premiered on Nickelodeon last Friday. Nickelodeon will also premiere a new original TV movie, Blurt, on February 19 at 7:00 (ET/PT) starring Norman, JoJo Siwa, from Lip Sync Battle Shorties, and Daniella Perkins, from Knight Squad. The live-action comedy tells the story of Jeremy Martin (Jace Norman) who, after a comical virtual reality mishap, starts speaking every thought he has out loud and to complicate matters, he happens to be running in the school election.

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