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Born and raised in Mexico, Hollywood Records artist Jorge Blanco mastered the art of entertainment learning how to sing, dance, act, play drums, guitar and piano.  With more than five million social media followers, Jorge continues to attract attention with his hit singles “Summer Soul” and “Risky Business”. 

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Can you tell us about your music style? What genre of music best express your personality?
I think right know my style and personality goes around a mix of funk, R&B, Rock and Pop
Tell us more about your first EP here in the US.
It’s my first time doing my own music in the US and everywhere else, so it’s been a dream come true.
You speak English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and French. What is your favorite langage to sing in and which one to express your love?
Music is my favorite language! It’s global and can reach any frontier. Of course the two languages I can express myself easier are 1st Spanish and 2nd English.
What are your favorite cities and why?
Seville because It feels like it takes you to the past with his architecture. Musical culture it’s so interesting there and the warmth of the people. Paris cause I love the romanticism of the city and the food is great!
Describe your perfect night out.
Depends on the mood. For more action: Bowling or billiards night. More chill: Board games night! And the one that never fails it’s movie night! I love movies.
What is for your definition of love?
Love is everything’s fuel!  
Where is your favorite spot to go on vacation?
The beach is always a place I love to go for a vacation and clear my mind for some days.
And what is your favorite fashion style?
Old school (James Dean). That’s one of my favorites.
Boxers or briefs? 
Boxer-briefs 👍

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