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Joshua Bassett currently starring in season 3 of Disney’s American comedy ‘”Stuck in the Middle”. Bassett plays a character by the name of Aiden Peters where viewers can watch over a 9 episode period. We had a pleasure to chat with Joshua at our BELLO studios in Los Angeles.

At what age did you begin acting and what made you want to pursue a career in entertainment?

I started acting at the age of 7 when my sisters were auditioning for a production of Annie at a local theatre company. I’ve been acting, singing, and dancing non stop since. The ability to do extraordinary things and tell captivating stories is what ultimately made me fall in love with every aspect of it.

Who are some actresses you look up to? Have any of them directly influenced your acting career?

Bryan Cranston has impacted me immensely. His brilliance on and off camera has changed the way i think about acting, and has shown me how to be professional, go above and beyond, yet remain humble and grateful.

Tell us about your character on “Stuck in the Middle”? How is Aiden like you? Different?

Aidan wants more than anything to be loved and understood. Growing up without a good relationship with either of his parents, he struggles to be honest with his emotions and himself. resulting in a difficulty connecting with others. I think we can all relate to his desire to be wanted and cherished. It’s important to have empathy when dealing with difficult people, you never really know what people are going through behind the scenes.

What’s the biggest challenge about taking on this role?

I think the hardest part was acting like a genuine jerk in some scenes. I’d often receive notes telling me to “Be meaner” or “Make us not like you at all” which I think can be hard for any entertainer. Especially when 90% of your job is getting people (i.e. casting agents, producers etc.) to like you.

If you could play any other character in this show, who would it be?

I think the twins, Lewie and Beast, definitely have the most fun roles. From dressing head to toe in camouflage and hiding in bushes, to jumping in enormous -room sized- ball pits, they were always having a blast on and off screen.

What makes a good scene partner?

The ability to feed off of each others energy. Most of my scenes were with the lovely Jenna Ortega, and throughout the show we always had great chemistry which made it much more enjoyable, even when we were supposed to “hate” each other in the show. Being able to collaborate and try things without judgement made for a safe space and brought out the best performance in both of us. It’s a team effort. Everyone is there to try and make everyone else look better.

If you had a magic wand, what show would you do next?

I would 100% want to join the Stranger Things cast. No questions asked.

If someone was going to make your life into a movie, who would play you?

A lot of people tell me I could be Spider Man, specifically Tom Holland as Spider Man. So i’d have to go with that. Tom Holland. Final answer.

What type of role you want to perform the most?

As much as I love comedy and lighter roles, I would love to take on a darker more serious role. One that requires a lot emotionally. I live for the real, raw acting.

Describe your best quality as an actor

I would say my best quality as an actor would be that I am able to bring a little “Joshua Bassett” into every role I play. I think it is so important to not only give the character its own identity, but make it part of you as well, as you spend so much time becoming this person.

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