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Some of our readers may remember Malcolm David Kelley from his work on the cult classic ABC series “Lost.” Some may remember him for being the MK in the hit-making duo MKTO (“Classic” anyone?). After taking a break to focus on music, he is back in a BIG way, co-starring in the highly anticipated film Detroit from Oscar winning director Kathryn Bigelow and Oscar winning screenwriter Mark Boal. Joining an incredible cast that includes names like John Boyega, Will Poulter, Anthony Mackie and John Krasinksi, Malcolm portrays “Michael Clark,” a young man who gets caught up and used as a pawn in the Algiers Motel incident that took place during the Detroit riots in 1967.

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We are so excited to see you back on the big screen. Tell us more about your new film Detroit and how you got involved?

I appreciate that, I am ecstatic. Detroit is a about what happens to group of young people during one of darkest moments in the civil unrest that rocked Detroit in ’67. I play a character named “Michael Clark” who hangs in the Algiers motel. Cool smooth guy. I got involved through my team sending the audition I had to leave a for a performance the day after. I remember the sides for the audition were from another old movie. Then going through a couple auditions and then a chemistry test in the hills, and got parts of the script when I landed.

The big reason that you took a step back from acting was your work with MKTO. Now that you guys are taking a little break, can we expect some some music from you as a solo artist?

Yeah just wanted to put the work and time in to be respected as an artist. Definitely can expect some music. That was always my dream to make music and be able to tour and have both coincide with each other. Getting the opportunity to grow, learn, and experience the music industry with MKTOhas taught me a lot and can’t wait to get more music out.

You have worked in television, film and music, what is the best and worst aspect of each medium?

I have loved all aspects of entertainment. The best best with television is being able to create a new world that draws people in every week and allowing people to get multiple detailed stories with characters. Many other things, but I can’t really say what the worst is because I love it but maybe 2 things weigh on my mind is when you can be written off of a show or being away from family sometimes but it’s not the worst, it’s a small sacrifice for doing what you love and working.

Film is amazing. Going somewhere new to film the project and having a premiere, seeing it on the big screen is a amazing feeling. The worst with filming, again there isn’t really one, but maybe sometimes when it’s over you wish it was a series with more to come but sometimes that makes it more special.

Music is a beautiful way to express and create. Nothing like people singing along with you. The down side I guess with music for me that is it can be hard to cross over. I am trying to help break that barrier.
Please share with our readers with your “It” book, movie, TV show and song!

Book: The Secret
Movie: Scarface & Ali
TV Show – “Family Guy” & watching the NBA
Song: Kendrick Lamar – Love, Future – “March Madness”

Lastly, what is one thing that you can share with the readers that they would be surprised to know?

The readers may not know I sing a little bit as well, working on some new music now and can’t wait to share.

DETROIT in theater now.



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