As Instagram continues to grow into one of the most powerful media platforms in the world, it’s proving time and time again why it’s such a game-changer in the entertainment industry. It’s now possible to build a bigger fanbase on Instagram than some celebs achieve in an entire career in Hollywood, and nobody has proven this more than Sean O’Donnell. The Instagram superstar is now making waves on the big screen and the small screen, which is why he’s BELLO’s newest IT GUY.

BELLO: Tell us about your product line, HAPPY. What was the inspiration behind it, and where do you see it going in the future?
SEAN: The inspiration behind HAPPY was to have a line that resembled my mindset and overall approach to life, and making the best of what life throws at you. Hopefully I see it expanding with more and more products and maybe one day collaborating with other brands and doing little pop-ups.

BELLO: What was it like working on Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn? How much will we get to see of you on the show?
SEAN: Honestly, it was really surreal. My entire life I grew up watching Nickelodeon and now I can say that I, myself have been on one of their shows and that’s pretty cool to me. You will see me pretty heavily throughout that episode.

BELLO: As a budding entrepreneur, what’s the most important piece of wisdom you’ve learned from the experts around you?
SEAN: There is no “correct” way to doing things. Sometimes you’re going to have to make a left turn, and then maybe a right, and it might feel like you’re all over the place but I promise that’s what it will take—there is no one straight path to what you desire.

BELLO: If we were to jump ten years into the future, describe where you would love to be in your career?
SEAN: Honestly, I would really love to be in business with my wife, if I’m so fortunate to do so. I think it would be amazing to have a business of some sort that I could share and build with her, and watch it flourish together.

BELLO: Do you have any self-imposed rules for your Instagram diet? Or are you on there all day long?
SEAN: I actually just chuckled out loud at this question (in a good way). It usually surprises people how little I am actually on my phone. I really try as hard as I can to make it less intrusive in my everyday life, probably too much so. Wouldn’t be the worst thing for me to spend more time focusing on it because it is a very large part of my work life, so I’m trying to get better at being on there more often.

BELLO: Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. What’s the sexiest quality you find most attractive in someone you’re smitten with?
SEAN: Acceptance. I know it sounds simple but feeling completely vulnerable and having someone embrace that is a very special thing. After that has happened then everything someone does, down to the way they breath, just makes your heart stop because you’re so enamored with them.

Photographer: Henry Wu @hello.henry
Agency: Scale Management @scalemanagement
Stylist: Luke Funtecha @offcial_lukatonic
Makeup Artist: Nick Metos @nick.metos
Interview: Brent Lambert @feelguide


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