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Written by Shayna

Timothy Granaderos, 13 Reasons Why star, has had a busy work schedule these past few months. Wrapping up a few projects like 13 Reasons Why Season 2, T@agged, and Marvel: Runaways. Now how did Timothy juggle it all? “My support group, like my agents, managers and producers. I mean from my end, I like to work, so going from one job to the next wasn’t an issue. The moment it stopped I was like “what do I do now?’”


Excited for the upcoming 13 Reasons Why season, Timothy shared with us as much as he could. “I can’t say much, but I think when we pick up where we left off on season one, a lot of questions are going to be answered. I think people are going to have their jaws on the floor from episode one on. That’s all I can say.”


Playing a bully on the show is interesting for Timothy because he isn’t anything close to that in real life. “It’s not in my nature really. But it’s fun in a way. With every character you have to somehow relate to it, so when I am in the grocery store, I try mean-mugging people…but as soon as they look at me I can’t help but smile. It is fun playing a bully, but it is also enlightening because you are looking at things from a different perspective.”


Timothy got his start in the industry with help from his older sister who is a makeup artist here in California. “She called me while I was still living in Michigan and asked if I want to move out to LA. She got me a job on a TV show as a production assistant. I packed a bag and flew out the following week.”


Staying in the production side of things for a bit, Timothy quickly realized he wanted to be in front of the camera, rather than behind it. He started modeling and then later transitioned into commercial acting. But where did this model/actor come from? Has he always had a thing for acting? “I was an athlete growing up. My dad tried to get me into acting, but soccer took up all of my time. I was always interested in acting, but never really committed to the idea of doing it until I started booking stuff. I always had that passion but I think it was buried underneath being a soccer player.”


Timothy didn’t even call himself an actor until he filmed his first pilot. “I think I was embarrassed because there are real professional actors out there and I didn’t want to label myself as one because at the time I really didn’t feel like I was one.”


Living in Michigan most of his life and now living here in LA, Timothy finds the two places vastly different. “LA is beautiful, there’s so much food, music, and culture. There are so many different types of people, its urban yet there are mountains. Don’t get me wrong I love Michigan, and I am so proud to be from Michigan, but the two places are drastically different.”

Lastly we wanted to know what Timothy’s everyday style is. “Pretty casual. I usually slap on a pair of vans, some eccentric socks, comfortable jeans, and a t-shirt. Maybe a hoodie and a flat bill. Street comfy I would say, ready to run or skate at any time.”

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