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With a brand new season of her sitcom Fresh Off The Boat coming up in October on ABC, BELLO got to sit down with Luna Blaise to talk about all of her favorite things: from music, to food, to what her definition is of a perfect Friday night.

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The new season of ABC’s Fresh Off The Boat is premiering October 3rd, which is based on the life of food personality Eddie Huang. Are you also a master in the kitchen?
Oh, absolutely not. I am so bad — the only thing I can really cook is a meatball.

So you’re a professional food orderer?
Yeah! I’m good with Postmates. But my favorite place to order from is Starbucks so I don’t physically have to go.

You just released your debut single ‘Over You’ — are you working on any new music?
Yes, I’m working on a bunch of new music. It’s going to be exciting — a lot of new stuff. I’m trying to figure out, musically, where I want to go. But I know it’s going to be fun.

Do you prefer performing or writing?
Oh that’s really hard. But I would say both. It’s two totally different vibes so I can’t really just choose one because they’re both so fun.

Do you remember the first song you fell in love with and couldn’t stop singing as a little girl?
‘Hollaback Girl’ — that was my song. I knew every single word. It’s even how I learned to spell ‘banana’. Gwen Stefani is a role model for me, and I love her so much.

What album are you most obsessed with right now?
The ‘American Teen’ album by Khalid.

What are the charities and causes that are closest to your heart?
Breast cancer, water, and anything to do with the environment.

What’s your idea of a perfect Friday night?
It can go two ways: either me in bed watching Netflix with a bunch of food, or me out with a few of my best friends having fun. I’m 15 so there’s not really many places we can go, but I love escape rooms. We usually just end up at one of our houses, but if we went to the escape room of our choice it would be Escape Room Hollywood. It’s my favorite and I’ve done every single one there.

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