BELLO mag Fashion: Forbidden Love + Outtakes


Featured in the Fashion section of BELLO mag – Feb 2015 – Hollywood issue #67.

We all know the classic love story: a tale narrates of a beautiful girl who is found by her prince, saved, and then lives her life happily ever after. But what if our girl was a mystical sea creature? What if she was the one hunting for her forbidden love in the abyss? The darkness here overtakes the stage, enhancing her beauty and conquering that love that, once seized, disappears into an obscure, deep and mysterious dream.

photographer CHIARA SALOMONI
Models Julia Lescova & Kenny Dean
hair and makeup JAYME KAVANAUGH
brands: VERA WANG

Check out the gallery below for a preview of this fashion story along with some exclusive outtakes.

BELLO mag Fashion: Forbidden Love + Outtakes

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Stephane Marquet
Creative Director

First of all, excuse my French! … I was born in the South of France. Lived in Paris for 10 years and travelled the world until I moved to Los Angeles in 2008, because obviously recession was a great time to move to a new country! I also arrived around Halloween and was greeted at the Social Security offices by a nurse who directed to the window Number 6 so a witch could hand me my social security number. Welcome to America. I am a painter, a photographer and the creative director of BELLO mag.

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