BELLO Mag Top 8 Picks – July 2015

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By Brent Lambert

1. Paris-based Atelier YokYok and metal sculptor Ulysse Lacoste recently won one of three top prizes at the 2015 Cahors June Garden Festival in France. Their winning entry is a stunning threaded installation in the courtyard of a 16th-century gothic style cloister in St Stephen’s Cathedral. You can see more photos at FrameWeb (Photo courtesy of Atelier YokYok and Ulysse Lacoste).

2. This new 6″ x 3″ x 6″ plastic pet known as Dino Pet is perfect for anyone who has a deep love for the ocean and all things bioluminescent. By filling it with the bioluminescent plankton contained in the package you can bring a little bit of one of the world’s most magical occurrences into the comfort of your own home. You can buy your own at TouchOfModern.

3. The geniuses at Apparatus Studio are the folks behind this gorgeous incense burner known as “Censer.” Merging geometric forms, an ancient ritual, and the joy of coveted objects, this little gem is a must-have for that incense-lover in your life. To buy your own you can visit ApparatusStudio.

4. The Legends’ stunning new album, It’s Love, is officially here and ready to take your summer 2015 to a whole new level. Start off with the amazingness that is the album’s first single, “Something Left To Die For.” Grab your own copy at Cascine.

5. Air quality is something of huge importance to a lot of us, which is why The Awair, a new smartphone-connected tabletop device is so brilliant. When paired with your phone Awair can use its sensors to monitor and tweak your home’s air quality exactly to your liking. Learn more by visiting GetAwair.

6. Every now and then a new product comes along that is so ingenious it makes one wonder how we ever lived without it. The new Leatherman Tread comes in either a watch or wristband format, and is made of steel links with built-in screwdrivers, box wrenches, allen wrenches, and more. They retail for a very reasonable $150. Grab your own at Leatherman.

7. Located in the Hollywood Hills, The Deronda Drive Residence is a 3,500-sq.ft. slice of heaven designed by the team at Space International. Its angular design and step down pool overlooking the L.A. skyline is something to behold. See more amazing photos at Space-Intl.

8. Designer and artist Anna Karlin wowed the crowd at this year’s ICFF fair for high end furniture. Her “Arc Light” design pretty much stole the show with its tapered stem balanced elegantly by a glass orb on one end and a brass plumb weight on the other. The price of the lamp might also make your jaw drop when you visit AnnaKarlin.

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First of all, excuse my French! … I was born in the South of France. Lived in Paris for 10 years and travelled the world until I moved to Los Angeles in 2008, because obviously recession was a great time to move to a new country! I also arrived around Halloween and was greeted at the Social Security offices by a nurse who directed to the window Number 6 so a witch could hand me my social security number. Welcome to America. I am a painter, a photographer and the creative director of BELLO mag.

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