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13 Reasons Why’s Justin Prentice is on the cover of our BELLO mag Spotlight inside our latest issue #154.

Justin Prentice: THE NATURAL

By Brent Lambert and Georgia Giannopoulos

Photography Isa Battaglin

Albert Einstein famously said, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” For actor Justin Prentice of 13 Reasons Why, this idea is twofold. BELLO recently had the chance to catch up with the 23-year-old star where he explained why he is so passionate about exploring nature, and his belief in the importance of exploring one’s inner nature as well.

“I like being in less densely populated areas, so I try and get away from LA when at all possible just to kind of recalibrate,” he says. For Justin, experiencing the outdoors is the most thrilling way to unplug. Of all his adventures, Justin says a recent trip with his girlfriend was one of his all-time favorites. “[We] did a tour where we started in Oklahoma, through Colorado and then the Southwest – Arizona, Utah, New Mexico — a week and a half long excursion in the truck, pitching the tent and finding random places to camp. That was pretty spectacular.”

Having spent the first 13 years of his life growing up in rural Tennessee and this past decade living in Los Angeles, Justin feels blessed to call both of these worlds his home. “My upbringing helped shape who I am.  A lot of the core of who I am [came from growing up in Tennessee] — I guess the hospitality, at least some semblance of manners — that stuck around.”

His years in Los Angeles have come with an extra set of benefits. “I’m glad I moved to Los Angeles at a young age to still be influenced by the culture around me — it’s such a melting pot. You have a bunch of cultures coming together, it gives you a different perspective about everything, which was also really helpful.”

Playing Bryce Walker on 13 Reasons Why, a character with such a tough guy persona, serves in stark contrast to Justin’s true nature. Wise beyond his years, he has a profound understanding of the importance of self-expression and how it maximizes one’s fulfillment in life. “We live in an age where people are pushing for more of their true selves — fly your own colors and be who you are instead of trying to fit into a box that someone else has assigned for you.”

It’s for this reason that Justin and some of his co-stars were so proud to march in this year’s Pride Parade in San Francisco. “[We] went out to support and walk through the parade and it was a blast. It was a really cool energy of acceptance.”

For Justin, experiences like this are the very definition of what makes a true man in the modern world. “I think it’s really important for people to be their own person as opposed to trying to conform – there’s a lot of pressure [out there for guys these days] but there is also a lot of counterforce to the hyper masculinity in terms of being yourself.”

From a young age, Justin had big dreams of being an artist. “This sector of the arts is about storytelling and getting important topics out there,” he says. “From a young age I was drawn to the industry; I wanted to act and I’ve been chipping at it for almost a decade now. It’s really cool when you get the opportunity to have a project like [13 Reasons Why], that actually influences people’s lives for the positive. There’s a lot of projects out there and they all have their positive and negatives but you don’t always get this level of opportunity which is really cool and I’m humbled by it.”

For the next four months, Justin and his co-stars are shooting season two in Napa Valley, and in his downtime he will soon be fulfilling a dream he’s had for a long time. “When I do have a weekend to do something extracurricular I might head towards the scuba diving front. I’ve been wanting to scuba dive for a long time. Ross [Butler] was up here with us last season, got his scuba diving certification, so we may all go. I might try and get certified while I’m up here. There’s a cool close knit community for it.”

You can look forward to seeing Justin in season two of 13 Reasons Why in 2018, and be sure to catch him on AMC’s critically acclaimed series Preacher which just began its new season on AMC.

Photography Isa Battaglin

Stylist Karen Drotar

Hair/Makeup Gabriela Banda


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