Empire’s  Ta’Rhonda Jones was photographed by Terren Oddo for this months’ BELLO spotlight cover.

Porsha, Cookie’s assistant on Empire, is played by the Chicago born and raised Ta’Rhonda Jones. Working as a nurse before becoming a TV sensation, Ta’Rhonda tells her genuine story in an exclusive interview for Bello Mag.

 The most beautiful dreams do come true and Ta’Rhonda James seems more like a fairytale character than a real life, flesh and bones person. I mean, she went from “zero to hero” in the blink of an eye and has become one of the most beloved characters on “Empire”, still one of the most acclaimed shows on television. There she plays Porsha, Cookie’s flamboyant assistant. And who doesn’t love Porsha? Genuine, strong-minded and very funny, Porsha always tells it like it is, and the notion of diplomacy is unknown to her. But that’s exactly what we love about her.  

Ta’Rhonda is very much like Porsha in real life also. Confident, competitive, driven and goofy, Ta’Rhonda has become famous after her role in Empire, for which she didn’t take any acting lesson. She is what she is. Following her audition, she said goodbye to her job in a nursing home from Chicago’s South Side and jumped ahead into the new adventure. So thrilling and how everything was going to change for her…

What’s to learn from Ta’Rhonda is that life does give you opportunities if you just search them. And once found, don’t be coward or lazy to settle for less. Embrace everything. Just do it! It will be great! 

Check out her interview along with fashion story below:

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