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by Brent Lambert

Hollywood insiders love their radars — always watching out for the next big thing. And if there’s one star who has our radars buzzing these days it’s none other than Cleo Anthony. With news that NETFLIX just renewed his hit Spike Lee series She’s Gotta Have It for a second season, there’s nobody better to be BELLO‘s brand new IT GUY. We caught up with Cleo (born March 15, 1981) to talk about the show, working with a legend like Spike Lee, and why Taraji P. Henson is one of his favorite people in the Universe.

BELLO: What was your favorite memory from shooting season one of She’s Gotta Have It?

CLEO: Oh, gosh, there is no one in particular. Every day was a series of amazing experiences. Some I loved, others I hated, but all of them amounted to the most extraordinary time of my life. Five months of love, pain, fear, joy, growth and magic in New York effing City!

BELLO: How did you get the news of the season 2 renewal, and how did you celebrate it?

CLEO: I was in Hawaii for New Years. I’d rented an RV and was rounding the windward side of Oahu when I got a call from Spike. I pulled into a gas station, we spoke and he told me we got picked up. I immediately posted an Instagram thanking the fans for their love and support. The next morning I took surfing lessons.

BELLO: Did you have any one-on-one moments of inspiration with Spike Lee?

CLEO: A few. Oddly enough I don’t think they’re something I could share. Not to be mysterious but the magic of the moment was exactly that: in the moment. To tell their stories won’t do justice to the profound effects they’ve had on me so I think I’ll keep these close to the chest. But to be in the presence of a legend and/or genius you gain insights that can and should change you. Sometimes the most impactful being the most subtle. That’s the case with Spike. His genius sneaks up on you.

BELLO: You’ve also worked with Taraji P. Henson. Tell her fans something about her that they might not already know. 

CLEO: She’s crazy! Just as fun and crazy in person as she appears! Taraji’s a force of nature. The kind of person that happens TO you! She’s absolutely delightful.

BELLO: You just celebrated your birthday, so…Happy Birthday from the BELLO team! How did you celebrate, and what are your intentions for the year ahead?

CLEO: Thank you! Yeah, I was surprised this year with something I’ve wanted for as long as I can remember — helicopter lessons! Best surprise ever — a young boy’s dream come true. They’re hard as hell to fly and take forever to master but, hey, a thousand-mile journey starts with a step, so here we go.

BELLO: You seem like quite a style hawk. What’s the one item in your wardrobe you consider your favorite piece?

CLEO: Yeah, I love exploring fashion and experimenting and finding out who I am in the moment. My absolute favorite piece right now would have to be my Maison Martin Margiela Leopard print Chelsea boots. I’d been searching high and low for nice faux leopard Chelsea’s, but to no avail. Then one day, in a shop on Melrose, POW! Only pair in the store and in my size. So rockstar! Lenny would be proud.



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