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Featured in BELLO mag May 2018 issue #169.

For every time the word impossible is brought up, Richard Cabral is the embodiment that it does not exist.  From prisoner to Emmy Award nominee, Richard has become an inspiration to many. Having played different roles, he was recognized for his performance in “American Crime,” where he was nominated for an Emmy Award and two well-known movies, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE MARKED ONES & WALK OF SHAME, marking his ability to adapt to different creative environments. With his new movie BREAKING IN coming soon, Richard is sure to keep our readers attention.

1.Your path to success has been a rocky one: how did you overcome your past? Who are some people who inspired you on the way?

Staring at a 35 Year to Life Sentence at 20 years old changed my perspective on the world. The State of California was possibly going to give me a life sentence. Prior to that, I was very closed to the depths of life.

Prison let me see the world and life as never before. I met men who had been in for 30 years. Young men my age at the time who were never coming home.

Upon my release, I was forever changed. Prison was where I studied how to be a man. Strength, wisdom is what I gravitated to. How to carry myself, what and what not to do in order to survive.

These teachings I would forever hold dearly. These men that taught me this, I will probably never see gain.

2. Amidst many of your features, how was playing in “American Crime,” given that your character was a former gangbanger implicated in a drug-related murder? 

Playing “Hector” in American Crime was a blessing. I was able to use personal life experiences and bring them to the character. Him being incarcerated, having a daughter, the feeling of eventual freedom.

I was able to humanize “Hector.” To the outside world, he was just bad guy. I believe I gave you something that is hardly tackled in storytelling. “Why we become what we become.”

3. How has your past experience influenced your acting and the way you see success? Do you feel as if it has made you a better actor?  

I can attribute my past to everything that has manifested in my life today. The darkness and struggle I went through as a child. The biggest thing, is that it has helped me stay grounded and connected to the work. The work and the hustle is how everything evolves.

4. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE MARKED ONES & WALK OF SHAME, are two very different genres of movies: what is your method of adapting to the different roles? 

Our jobs as actors is to “live truthfully in the imaginary circumstances.” Meisner~ Whatever the world is we are supposed to adapt.

5. In 2015, you were nominated for a Primetime Emmy for outstanding actor in a limited series or a movie, “American Crime”: what was your very first reaction to this? 

I was quite surprised. It was my first TV Series and I never had followed the Emmys prior to this. I didn’t understand the magnitude of this accomplishment. The fact that I was nominated was the WIN.

6. Your latest movie BREAKING IN just came out, do you feel excited and proud of the work you delivered? 

I feel extremely proud of my work. The world has not seen me tap into a character like this. I never judge the character, I just bring 110% of me.

7. If I say the word “IMPOSSIBLE,” what would you answer to that?

That word derives from no truth. It does not benefit nothing. It is just a thought. A thought that produces no results but hinders your true greatness.

8. If you could give advice to our readers who feel lost at times, what would it be?

That no one can save you but you. Whatever you put energy that is what will manifest. Our societies have been manipulated with what people should think and feel. But not all thoughts from society are good. We must take a step and reevaluate the truth of where we come from and where we stand.

It is ok to not fit in to the majority. Believe that you are far greater than what they all Imagined.

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