BELLO WATCH: Ben Forster in Elf the Musical


Ben Forster has been cast as everyone’s favourite, impish elf for London’s rendition of Elf the Musical. Following in the footsteps of Will Ferrell’s character, ‘Buddy’, a young orphan who embarks on a journey to New York City to be reunited with his biological father after discovering that he isn’t in fact an elf! Despite Ben’s relentless schedule, the Broadway star still had time to speak to BELLO before his debut performance this weekend.

So Elf The Musical premieres this weekend, how has the preparation been this week?

Good but crazy! It’s been the most ridiculous few weeks but everything’s in pretty good shape now.

It’s such an iconic story, were you apprehensive about how you would portray such a particular character?

Definitely! It was one of my biggest concerns. My manager rang me and said they had offered me this role in Elf the Musical and when I read it I thought this was a really good piece. I also thought, ‘how do I do this role, how do I portray it?’ It is such a loved role and a classic character, I mean it’s Will Ferrell who’s the King of comedy!

How was it to work alongside Kimberly Walsh?

She’s lovely. I’ve known Kimberly for about ten years. We’d kind of worked together a bit over the last few years and then finally this opportunity came up for us to work together properly, which is great. She is just one of the nicest people, she’s so down to earth. She has no big airs and graces for what she’s achieved in her life. She’s just a lovely person and a really hard worker.



What are your ambitions for the future? Do you have a preference between music, theatre and TV?

I would love to do it all. I’ve got two albums out on iTunes. I would like to do more albums but I’d also like to do TV and a movie of course. I see myself as an entertainer. I’m not going to turn down any opportunity.

Lastly, what is your favourite book, movie and song?

Book: I really like a book called ‘Veronika Decides to Die’, which is amazing. I read it when I was about 20.

Movie: I think one of the best movies I’ve ever seen is ‘Dancer in the Dark’ with Björk. I’ve never been in a cinema when I’ve been completely blown away. The audience didn’t even move after. It’s a horrific movie bit a really amazing one to watch.

Song: I love Sam Smith’s acoustic version of ‘Lay Me Down’. I remember listening to that years ago before anyone knew who he was. I was obsessed I thought ‘how does anyone sing like that it’s beautiful’.

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