Colette Carr came bounding into the music world in early 2013 after being discovered by the legendary Nick Cannon. Describing her new and evolved style as pop with a bit of edge, her fans will love her new single, “Play House”. When she’s not performing on stage you might catch her playing tennis or practicing some Yogi poses like ‘Cobra’ and ‘downward facing dog’, as a way to de-stress from her very hectic life.

BELLO WATCH: Music has been a passion of yours for a very long time. Did you ever consider entering a music competition to further your chances in this industry?

COLETTE CARR: To be completely honest, I hate the process of auditioning, so I never considered entering any music competitions.  Instead of leaving it up to three or four individuals to deem me “good enough” I decided to take things into my own hands. We are fortunate enough to live in a time where we can shoot a video, vine, or snap of ourselves singing and upload it immediately to the Internet for anyone to see/find/stumble upon. I began by writing some songs with a few talented producers, created a music video treatment, found a director, shot a video that I felt represented me, and released it to the public and that is how I got my start. I did not ask for or depend on anyone’s approval or permission; I just did what felt right and luckily it worked. The video I shot for my first song “Back It Up” went to #1 on MTVU and got a lot of exposure and attention of people high up at record labels, so… no audition necessary 🙂

BW: I understand before music you were a child tennis star growing up but you had to stop due to injuries.  Are you still able to play leisurely?

CC: I LOVE to play tennis, but I don’t really have anyone in L.A. to play with. All of my tennis friends are either in college or on the pro circuit or too busy with their new jobs *sigh*.  I played with Red Foo from LMFAO a few times, which was a lot fun because it was like my two worlds and passions coming together as one (music and tennis).

BW: Are any other members of your family musical?

CC: My mom could probably hold down the triangle and I’ve heard her hit some pretty solid notes while singing Nick Jonas “Jealous”, but beyond that, no one in my family is musical!


BW: Who inspired your style of music when you first began?

CC: It might sound weird or very Macklemore of me, but I was very inspired by Wu Tang and their story-telling ability. Eminem, Suzanne Vega, The Smiths and The Talking Heads, The Cure, and Britney Spears also inspired me. I love all types of music, I love feeling what they’re singing or rapping about, seeing it, imagining it, getting lost in it. I try to absorb little slices of inspiration from everything I see and hear – good and bad.

BW: Earlier this year you released your album four-song EP Static.Start. on the indie Kawaii Nation label. Were you apprehensive about how your fans would take to this new and evolved style?

CC: It has always been important for me to focus on what I think, not what anyone else thinks, so I did what I thought was right. I needed to grow and push myself in a way that being independent allowed. It was scary and extremely difficult to essentially start from scratch all over again, but I did it and now I feel stronger than ever!!

BW: There can be a lot of rejection in the entertainment and music industry. What was your reaction when Nick Cannon discovered you?

CC: Meeting Nick Cannon was a breath of fresh air, still to this day he is one of the kindest funniest smartest people I have ever met. Nick and I clicked on a creative and moral level instantly; he reminded me a lot of myself and vice versa. I had some of my favorite memories in the studio with Nick, literally on the floor cracking up. He is such a great example for anyone to learn from, he works so hard and excels in so many areas.


BW: What can you tell me about your upcoming single “Play House”?

CC: I can tell you that I’m proud of it!!! I made a pop song that feels honest and edgy and it’s something I’m excited to share and sing!! It’s about falling in love instantaneously with a boy that makes a girl that typically just works and eats out (me), want to stay in and cook and clean and have tiny human babies with him. It was a really fun song to write and record, FrankMusik did such an amazing job with the production.

BW: I understand you are a big fan of yoga, Pilates and meditation.  What attracted you to start practicing these disciplines?

CC: STRESS attracted me to yoga, Pilates, and meditation. I had to find a balance with my double-booked lifestyle and I absolutely love the way I feel when I leave a workout. I feel so accomplished and rejuvenated. It’s funny, I thought I wouldn’t have the energy to add workouts to my week but it gives me even more energy to get through the craziness.

BW: Lastly, is there anything else you would like to share with your fans?

CC: I just want to thank my goers for sticking with me through so many delays and changes. It means so much to know that I am supported no matter what I look/sound like and no matter how long it takes for me to get the songs out. I am so excited for you guys to hear “Play House” and I can’t wait to see all the snaps and IG videos of you guys dancing around. I LOVE YOU!

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