BELLO WATCH: Gemita Samarra in SPECTRE


I understand your parents worked in the circus, were they very supportive of what you wanted to do?  

They have always been very supportive, but of course a little sceptical of the entertainment industry as I never knew when my next job is and at the beginning of this career it’s sometimes very few and far-between! But now the ball is rolling a little more consistently they are very supportive and I would hope proud. We are a very active family, so I definitely haven’t let them down there! They were very much free to let my brother and I find out what we were capable of at a young age and decide for ourselves what was dangerous and what was too high or fast!

Your brother is in the industry also, have you collaborated with him on anything? 

Weirdly no, Adrian and I haven’t worked together yet. I would jump at the chance to though! His work is stunning and he works harder than anyone I know. He’s usually working with brands filming in extreme conditions with a specific brief that I don’t fit. I’m sure our time will come though!

What is your favourite extreme sport? 

I have been an avid horse rider and swimmer from a very very early age, but I’m not sure how extreme they are considered to be! I do LOVE the water though so if free diving counts I would definitely say that. Especially if I’m shark diving (surely that’s got to be extreme?!) Other than that, I love speed and heights!

Has modeling always been an ambition of yours or did it come with the territory of the industry you were in? 

I never wanted to model, to be honest! I did it at first because it would be stupid to not be paid a ton of money to stand in some clothes and lay on the beach and go to crazy exotic locations! But also because it funded my stunt training which comes at a hefty price. When I fell in to a category with the more sports/ editorial fashion side of things I learned to enjoy modeling a lot more as I felt like my self and not like I was pretending to be someone else.

What’s it like working with W Athletic? 

The team at W Athletic are my second family. When I was living in the UK I would see them every week, we have a very strong and open relationship, which I feel is so important with your agent. They look after me very well and it always feels like we are working together, not me for them or them for me. I love them all! Even now, being in the US, I FaceTime them often and jet back for any jobs they send through for me and do self-tapes/auditions here.


What’s the most extreme stunt you’ve performed to date? 

There is a lot of ways I can interpret ‘extreme’. Because I’ve been ‘extremely injured’ from really boring stunts! If you mean extreme ‘danger’ – there are quite a few! But the one that stands out would have to be a high fall I did in Spain in an elevator shaft set for a super low budget movie. It felt like I was falling forever and there was a lot of obstacles to avoid on the way down. Other than that I’ve had some nasty falls into water, usually the fall and water entry being the most pleasant compared the the disease ridden or freezing cold water I’d be falling in to!

Tell me about your experience with Fast and Furious 6? 

It was a few years ago now! Time flies. I seem to remember having a lot of fun on this movie with a great cast and crew, most of my work was night shoots in London during Winter. When a night shoot will start at 5pm and not wrap until 7/8am as the daylight hours are very short that time of year.

What was your experience like on Spectre? What was the most extreme stunt you had to perform? 

Spectre is and always will be a huge highlight to my career. It’s the job every stunt man/ woman in the world wants to have on their resume. I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with such an amazing cast and crew. I can’t talk about the stunts I performed yet but it certainly was a lot of fun and kept me busy for nearly a year! I learnt so much from the stunt coordinator, Gary Powell, and especially the fight coordinator Olivier Schneider and his French team. They helped me from day 1 and I couldn’t have asked for more help and support from them.

Can you tell me about any future acting projects? 

Since my small role in Game of Thrones as Brea, it seems to have blown up pretty quickly. I’m waiting to hear about a fun role in a movie back in the UK for the end of this year and also I have some exciting projects coming up in the US. I’m currently meeting with agents and managers to find the best representation for me so I can push and hopefully one day get my dream action girl role! I’m really pleased with how it’s going and I’m learning more and more every day.

Spectre is in cinemas Monday 26th October

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