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Picture by Kyle Rosenberg
If you have been watching Netflix lately, and let’s face it, who hasn’t, you’ve seen a lot of Gerrard Lobo. HIs first Netflix project was a recurring role on the hit show “Master of None.” This year in addition to a guest-starring role on “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” he is mixing it up with the inmates at Litchfield with a heavily recurring role as “Adarsh” a nurse at the prison, as the new season kicks off right where last season left off, with a prison riot.
1.  We are so excited to see you on the new season of “Orange is the New Black.” Without giving anything away, what should fans look forward to on this season, and what was your favorite part of working on this  show?
Thanks so much!  Fans can look forward to the season picking up right at the cliffhanger from Season 4, and will see the entire season unfold over the course of a few days in real time.  My favorite part about working on the show was meeting some of the different lead actors.  As you know, the storylines of the show tend to follow different groups that interact with each other and I felt like I was “visited” by a few different core groups.  That was a lot of fun.  Seeing the stars of the show do their thing and having the opportunity to be in scenes with them and speak with them a bit about their craft was awesome both from an actor standpoint and as an existing fan 🙂
2. This is your third project with Netflix, what other Netflix projects would you love to work on?
Hopefully there will be more!  In my experience, Netflix production teams and actors are always very down to earth and welcoming.  With all the original content they have coming out, I’d be lucky and grateful to have the opportunity to be on another show.  If that happens, I’m rocking a Netflix tattoo for sure.  Some shows that I’ve loved this past year are “Love” (Judd Apatow) because of the comedy and writing; “The Get Down” (Baz Luhrmann/Stephen Adly Guirgis) because of the music, cinematography, and acting; and “The OA” (Brit Marling/Zal Batmanglij) because of everything.  I also have to say, Casting Directors played a huge part in my opportunities to be a part of the shows I’ve done on Netflix.  BIG shoutout and love to Cody Beke/Seth White (Master Of None), Cindy Tolan and Anne Davison (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), and SJ at Jen Euston Casting (OITNB).
3. Your resume is a nice mix of comedic and dramatic roles. Do you prefer one over the other?
Honestly, every role is different and I try to approach it in a way that is the most fun and interesting way to tell the story.  So I guess both, since there are comedic and dramatic aspects of every person’s personality.
4. Please share with our readers with your favorite book, movie and/or TV show and song
(These always change but the most constant are…)
Book: “Myths To Live By”- Joseph Campbell
Movie: “Big Night”- Directed by Stanley Tucci and Campbell Scott / Starring Stanley Tucci and Tony Shalhoub
TV Show: “The Office”- Steve Carell version
Song: “Achilles Last Stand”- Led Zeppelin
5. Lastly, what is one thing that you can share with the readers that they would be surprised to know?
 I’m a pretty damn good cook 🙂
Picture by Kyle Rosenberg

Picture by Kyle Rosenberg

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