BELLO Watch: Hulu’s “All Night” Tetona Jackson (exclusive interview)

Appearing this summer in the Hulu comedy series “All Night” produced by AwesomenessTV and premiering on Hulu on Friday, May 11th, Tetona Jackson is performer all around both on the big and small screen and even the ice skating rink! Also known for her appearances in the films “Maximum Ride”, “Save me from Love”, “Stolen from Suburbia” and “Dear Diary I Died”, Tetona is sure to stand out in the large ensemble that makes “ALL NIGHT”.

  1. Tell us about the upcoming Hulu show “All Night”. What can you tell us about the character? The role? And how your character interacts with the various other characters in the show?

TJ: “All Night” follows a group of high school graduates through their lock-in grad night party, and they will literally do whatever it takes to make their remaining high school dreams come true. My character’s name is Cassie. She’s kind of a zero f**cks given type of person (which I love) haha. But she definitely also has layers to her. I have a twin brother in the show named Christian who I have some moments with, but the two people I am with the most in the show are my best friends Deanna and Fig. We have been best friends for forever, and have always marched to beat of our own drums.

  1. How is “All Night” Different” from any role you’ve played in the past?

TJ: It’s the first time I have ever played a lesbian. I’m not queer in real life, but I am so happy and honored to have been able to represent someone from the LGBTQ+ community on this show.

  1. Tell us of a dream role.

TJ: I’m sure I will have many dream roles, but right now, I would love to play someone dark and mysterious. I love thriller and suspense movies. Maybe a character like Esther from “The Orphan”, or Norman Bates from “Bates Motel”. But I also really want to play a badass crime fighting woman! That would be so amazing and fun to play.

  1. What inspires you in your acting? Any influences?

TJ: My parents are a huge inspiration to me. They are both beyond supportive of my dreams. Also, what inspires me is being able to connect with people through my art. It’s so crazy to know that some of these roles people have actually experienced and gone through. So being able to bring that to life and connect with someone on the other side of the screen is huge for me. I would have to say my biggest influence as an actress would be Lucille Ball. I love her so much. On any given day at any given time, I can throw on an episode of “I Love Lucy” and laugh my ass off. No matter how many times I’ve seen the show (which is way too many to count). She was such a hard worker and so dedicated and driven.

  1. At what age did you know that you wanted to start acting?

TJ: I knew I wanted to act ever since I was little. I remember my cousin and I used to make up our own skits and perform them in front of our parents and family. No matter how tired they were we made them sit through it haha.

  1. Any words of wisdom you have for anyone looking to get into the acting business?

TJ: Stay true to who you are, work hard, and never give up. You will get knocked down many times, and there will definitely be moments where you’ll want to give up, but always always believe in yourself. Don’t ever let anyone tell you your dreams are too big.

  1. As you know, Bello is a lifestyle magazine. Can you tell us more about your personal style?

TJ: Personally, I love anything cute and comfortable. Jeans are definitely a huge part of my wardrobe. I love that you can dress them up or down for almost any occasion. My mood definitely inspires my look for the day though.

  1. Can you let us know any skills you may have the average person may not know about you?

TJ: I am half Persian and speak fluent Farsi.



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