Making its debut on AMC, the new drama “Into the Badlands” is set in a post-apocalyptic world, which follows the story of a warrior and a young boy who embark on a dangerous and epic journey. In an exclusive interview with BELLO Benjamin Papac, who plays ‘Bale’, spoke with us about the intense, gritty and complex nature of this highly anticipated series.

“Into the Badlands” looks like quite a ride. Without giving away any spoilers, please tell us about the show and what we can look forward to with your character this season.

“Into the Badlands” is going to blow people’s minds! It’s got the brilliant action of martial arts movies, the intrigue of “Game of Thrones,” and the grit of “The Walking Dead.” My character, ‘Bale’, is one of the Colts (soldiers in training) living where the story begins. I see MK (Aramis Knight) get into a fight on his first day as a Colt and I befriend him. A strong ally can be the difference between life and death in the Badlands. Bale is relentless and resourceful, willing to do whatever it takes to survive and make a better life for himself.  You can expect some bromance, some cool action sequences, and a plot twist or two later in the season.

What is the preparation like for a show like this? Is it different when you are working in science fiction landscape vs. one set in reality?

Actually, the key to making sci-fi and fantasy believable is grounding the characters. The relationships are just as human as a story set in modern day, and the cast did a brilliant job bringing heartfelt performances to this brutal, unforgiving world. One of the unique features of this show is the martial arts. There are multiple 2-3 minute fights each episode, so the core cast went through weeks of training in multiple martial art forms to prepare for the show.

Your first professional acting  job was on “The Walking Dead,” a little more than a year ago. What does it feel like, only a year later, to now be on your own show that will premiere on Sunday night’s following “TWD?”

It’s been an incredible year! I’m grateful to be a part of such a talented cast. My mind reels when I think about everything that’s happened since that first day on set for TWD. I’ve learned a lot of lessons, had a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Please tell us a little bit more about your other upcoming project for the CW Seed.

“Saving The Human Race” is a zombie comedy set in Norway! It’s my first time playing the main character, and it follows a teenage boy in a zombie apocalypse. The zombies won – there are fewer than 100 humans left. But all our hero can think about is losing his virginity. It follows me as I try (and fail) to become a man, only to realize that other things (like actually growing up) are more important.

Please share with our readers your favorite book, movie, TV show and song!

Book: Watership Down

Movie: The Good The Bad and The Ugly

TV Show: “Rick and Morty”

Song: Tiny Glowing Screens (part 2) by Watsky

Lastly, what is one thing that you can share with the readers that they would be surprised to know?

Every person in my family brutally injured one knee in an accident the summer they turn 15 (ish). It’s like a curse or something!

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