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Actor Justin Price wears more than his heart on his sleeve because he also designs, augments and makes his own clothing. Sewing in his spare time, the action hero handsome actor with a tender heart is a lifelong student of fashion who executes his skills via a self trained and natural ability for style, fabrics, textures and color. His resume includes action adventure film and TV series. Currently Justin is preparing for a new role as an angel who guides people through self discovery. Justin took time for an interview remotely while on set.
Hello World! Justin Price here,

I currently live in Los Angeles, Ca., which is a long shot from where I grew up in a rural town in Columbus, Georgia. Being raised in the south, way out in the sticks, I never thought I’d be able to live out my dream of moving west, and actually becoming an actor in television and on the big screen.
Growing up, I was that random kid always into fashion. It excites me because I had nothing to reference but what I saw on TV and in magazines. So one day, I started making things,  let’s just say a lot of trial and error with my single mother showing me the ropes on how to stitch and cut fabrics, etc. I took that and ran with it. I was addicted to making things. Mainly shirts and hats, then jackets and old school vests.
It always fascinated me to see things come alive. And when people would compliment what I was wearing or asked me where I bought it, I’d let them know that I made it. This coming from a kid in the 6th grade, they didn’t believe me and thought I was crazy. I was a hyper kid, so I get where they were coming from.
Not being able to afford desires like studying fashion, I started honing in more and more to the details. That’s what it’s all about for me as it is with Acting, which I became equally obsessed with. It’s not about fame but to really get in and to play a part of something larger than myself. I’d write scenes out, film them, and play it for my classmates, family, and tried to incorporate my friends as well.
In College,  I had a life changing moment. “What am I doing in life? Why not go for what really makes you feel alive?” So I hopped into a couple acting classes and finally got an agent. I booked my first role in the feature film, “Zombie Land” in 2009, shooting with woody Harrelson & Emma Stone in Atlanta.  At that moment, I knew exactly what I wanted, more! The energy on set was unlike anything I’d experienced before. Dropping out of college and going full force in this business was not what I would recommend for everyone, but for me, It’s what I needed to do.
Falling on my face many many times was inevitable, cause that’s how gravity works when you leap towards your dreams. Zero safety nets made me take advantage of every opportunity that came my way. Work, work, work this is where fashion came back to me full force. I needed it. It is such good therapy for me, focuses me and keeps my creative hunger fed.
Advice to anyone out there reading this who maybe interested in going after the same goals: stay hungry, keep moving. Don’t think anyone owes you any favors. Be real. Just be real. It’s that easy. Enjoy what you do, that is everything for me. Knowing I can be self sustaining in a place that’s full of beautifully talented like minded individuals, is living the dream!
JUSTIN PRICE:  (Uses Stage Name “Priceless” because of IMBD and Social Media crowding)

1)What I admire most in people, I’m totally a people watcher. It’s what I do. I look for compassion in others for people in need. A little goes a long and way people helping people is a very powerful and fulfilling energy to be a part of.

2) I would like to see my fashion life take me to Paris fashion week! I know it’s aiming for the fence, but isn’t that what dreams are all about?!
3) What character or roll would I like to perform? Houdini! Don’t get me started on magic. I’ve always been fascinated with disappearing, just ask any of my ex girlfriends. Too much? Being able to perform such skills on screen in the world of the play, would be everything to me!
4) My hero is my Mom! Such a courageous woman. We lost our dad when I was 12 years old. My mother is a Registered Nurse and put herself through Nursing School while raising 3 kids alone. She’s guided us to following our dreams no matter how unrealistic they might’ve seemed.
5) A few of my favorite things:
Art– any form that expresses what’s bottled up inside, works for me! I enjoy writing, poetry, painting, designing new pieces of clothing/ jackets. It’s a fluctuating cycle that never ends. It’s therapeutic.
Music– 90’s grunge has always been my thing! Pearl Jam, Nirvana, madonna, billy Joel, Lauren Hill, post Malone & Zac browns new band “sir rosevelt”
Food– SUSHI! breakfast, lunch & dinner.
Films– Star Wars, pulp fiction (I’m kinda obsessed with it) Jurassic Park franchise and any old Hollywood films, I love the nostalgia.
6) Is it true I used fishing line & dental floss to sew my jackets and pants? Well, since we’re letting my secrets out, yes totally true!  Kinda funny when you think about it, but it really worked and supplies were limited in the small country town where I grew up. I guess it was my way of staying fresh.
7) in 5 years I plan on having a studio lot with a couple soundstages to film, film & more filming! Also, I’ve wanted to get my pilots license and start flying! I’d also love to start a family.
8) if I could be reincarnated and come back as any animal, I’d be an Elephant. What’s not to love? They’re so interesting and pure to me with their magnificent minds, heart and memory.
intro written by Raoul Mongilardi

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