We are deep into the latest season of HBO’s “The Leftovers” and, ahead of tonight’s highly anticipated episode, BELLO sat down with Kevin Carroll who plays the mysterious ‘John Murphy’ in this critically acclaimed show. From Regina King’s Emmy award to the complex nature of his character and the magical yet challenging storylines that are due to unfold, there was nothing left unsaid.



Congratulations on your role as ‘John Murphy’ in Season 2 of “The Leftovers”! What was your reaction coming into this series as one of the leads?

Thank you very much. Well because of the timing of the whole thing, there was no time to have much of a reaction. The deal was confirmed in Los Angeles on a Saturday and the following Monday I was in Austin, TX getting ready to shoot. So literally Saturday and Sunday was spent reorganizing my life. So the notion of being a lead had not come into consideration. I was excited about the material, team and the kind of work that gets produced on HBO. Things didn’t slow down until after the rains in Texas. Around the 5th episode but by then we were in a rhythm and churning out the work.

What was your audition process like?

I auditioned 4 times for the role. It was one of those times where it felt like it would never end or work out. I had let go of the notion of being on the show a couple of times because there was no sense of whether my sense of the character was working or not. It was a huge help to me that the casting director, Vicki Thomas, was so game to ‘play’ as a reader. She was like a great dance partner. After the initial audition the other ones came the day of with a few hours to prepare. So this was one of the more challenging processes to go through.

It is a truly phenomenal cast – Justin Theroux, Regina King. How daunting is that to approach as a newcomer?

The great thing about this cast is that they are seasoned and want the best for the show. So they were very supportive and patient. Regina is at the top of her game. She anchors the Murphy family. Justin is the kind of lead that is very generous and such a team player. It’s a company that keeps you on your toes at all times.

Did the dynamic change on set at all after Regina King received her Emmy award?

The excitement for Regina changed all of us more than it changed her. She came back in full gratitude but ready to work. The cast and crew wanted to celebrate her longer.

What is the best part about playing Regina King’s husband on the show? 

The best part of playing Regina’s husband is that she is not about any drama. We all know she is Regina King and she knows she is Regina King but she is not at work needing to remind people that she is Regina King. She shows up and it is all about the work.

You play a very complex character. Do you have a particular process in order to prepare for your role each day on set?

In playing this character the most important thing for me is being connected with my fellow cast mates. I am looking for the life we create in the moment on the day. That open place is where the life of scene will spring from for us in the moment.

Is there anything at all you can give away ahead of tonight’s episode?

Yes…but don’t say I said this…The next episode will be on HBO.  SHHHHHHHH……

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