Cheeky, handsome, talented and charismatic, it’s no wonder Kevin Quinn has been cast as the boy who will never grow up. The Lythgoe Family Productions presents Peter Pan and Tinker Bell – A Pirates Christmas at the Pasadena Playhouse this December. After the wildly successful Sleeping Beauty and Her Winter Knight, which took place last year, director Bonnie Lythgoe and choreographer Spencer Liff, have teamed up yet again for this years highly-anticipated panto, a twist on everyone’s favourite Disney tale. The story follows Tinker Bell, Wendy and Peter Pan who embark on a mission to interfere with the pirates’ plot to kidnap Peter for Captain Hook’s Christmas present. This flying, singing, adventure-fuelled panto, inspired by Kris Lythgoe’s book, is the perfect treat this winter. I spoke with the endearing Kevin Quinn on his playful role as ‘Peter Pan’, his game-changing stint on American Idol and his refreshing song-writing plans for the subsequent year.


BELLO WATCH: So you have been cast as Peter Pan in the Lithgoe Family Productions panto this Christmas, which is a twist on the classic tale. What can you tell me about this modernised version?

KEVIN QUINN: So it’s really interesting because usually in plays it is a very practical thing, you have scenes and then you go straight into musicals. This is different because we have, like, hover boards for when the ‘lost boys’ are arriving, we have heely’s [sneakers with wheels!] that Tinker Bell is going to be riding. We are singing all kinds of modern songs, songs you would see on the iTunes top 20 chart. They’re not traditional songs but they are very modern and they fit into the story very well. For instance there’s this one moment where Tiger Lily’s tribe is coming to meet Peter Pan and everyone and they play the song “hooked on the ceiling”, so we incorporated the beginning of that song into the play because that’s how they enter into the lost boys camp.

BW: It is a really phenomenal cast. Have you worked with Sabrina [Carpenter], Corey [Fogelmanis] or August [Maturo] before?

KQ: I haven’t worked with Corey or August but I met them through Sabrina. Sabrina and I actually worked together in a Disney Channel original movie called Adventures in Babysitting back in February. We grew to be very great friends and I am so glad to be working with her again. She is the only one I’ve worked with in this cast but I’m really excited to be working with Corey, August, John and everyone, it is a really great cast.

BW: Theatre can sometimes be quite intense and repetitive, doing the same play day in and day out. Is it still just as exciting every time you get up on stage?

KQ: You know what, there is something about theatre. It’s different than film because in film, we can go back and fumble our lines and leave the scene then pick it back up where we left off – you can’t do that with theatre. If you fumble a line or you forget a line, you really have to work as a team to kind of improvise and help each other out. It’s a really great team building experience because you have to work with everyone else in the cast and it is an ensemble. I think that theatre is so gratifying because unlike film the audience is right there with you and you get instant gratification for good work. The audience is also so involved, especially the kids, they’re going to love this play!

BW: With the panto running from December 9th until January 3rd, will you have much time off for Christmas? What do you have planned?

KQ: I’m actually not going to have that much time off for Christmas but honestly I don’t even care because I’m doing what I love and that’s enough for me. I plan on meeting up with my Uncle on Christmas and we’re going to see the new Star Wars movie but other than that I think I’m going to be busy working on the panto.


BW: Aside from theatre you also have a lot of experience in TV with Bunk’d and American Idol. Tell me about your experience on American Idol?

KQ: American Idol was where my career sort of began. I was 15 at the time and I saw an ad when I was just surfing Facebook and it said ‘submit your online audition for American idol today’, so I was like okay sure and I clicked on it and I ended up taking a 30 second video of me singing into the camera. I was contacted by a producer from the show and they said ‘Hey, we saw your video, we’d like to fly you out to Los Angeles’. I was sceptical, I didn’t know whether or not it was real. I sort of did it for fun, not expecting to get anything out of it but ended up flying to Los Angeles and doing 5 rounds with producers and celebrity judges. The Lythgoe family, who does this panto, are actually very involved in American Idol and it was really interesting because I didn’t know Kris and Becky, but Nigel Lythgoe was the executive producer, who I did know. Michael Orland, who is our show’s musical director, was actually at American Idol and I met him 3 years ago. I never expected to work with him again but I’m really glad we’re working together now because he’s like the greatest guy and he is so fun. American Idol was a really good experience for me and it led to a lot of other opportunities so I’m grateful for that.

BW: Do you have a quote or saying that you live by?

KQ: Yeah I do actually. This is the quote I’ve probably gone by since I graduated high school just because when I graduated high school and came out into the big world of adulthood I lived by this saying, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”. That’s kind of been my motto. That’s what the goal is, you don’t want to feel like you have to go to work every morning. You want to feel like you’re excited to go to work, like it’s what you want to do for the rest of your life.

BW: What are your plans for after the panto?

KQ: I am actually starting a music career this year so I will be doing a lot of writing and I’m hoping to come out with some sort of EP or maybe even an album. It might be a while before that happens but I’m definitely going to be doing a lot of writing.

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