BELLO WATCH: Krista Marie Yu in “DR. KEN”


BELLO WATCH: What can you tell me about this upcoming season of ‘Dr. Ken’?

KRISTA MARIE YU: Season 1 of Dr. Ken is loads of family fun and laughter. Viewers get to meet each crazy and unique character for the first time. Every episode has a great storyline, which any family can relate to and laugh along with.

BW: Your on-screen father is played by Ken Jeong, who is such a comedic and talented actor. Were you apprehensive about playing his daughter on the show?

KMY: He is an incredible comedian, actor and person. Playing his daughter is truly a dream come true. I love it! If you are a fan of Ken Jeong, he doesn’t fail to deliver. He is out of this world funny – physically and verbally!

BW: Who has been your favourite character to play since you started acting?

KMY: Molly is definitely my favorite so far. She is fun, social, fashionable, and smart. Playing Tiger Lily in the musical Peter Pan is a close second. I’ve always idolized Sondra Lee’s performance in the Mary Martin Peter Pan since I was a young girl.

BW: What would you say is the most difficult role you have ever had to play?

KMY: Viola in Twelfth Night. Playing a girl, pretending to be a boy, and hiding her love for her friend in verse was a challenge!

BW: You started in this business very young, what would your advice be to other aspiring actors?

KMY: Always be true to who you are in your heart. I think it is easy for people to tell you who you are or should be, but it is important to trust yourself and your own heart. The truest beauty really does lie within.

BW: You’ll be playing Lily in ‘Love the Coopers’ this November with a really strong and talented cast. What was your experience like on this film?

KMY: Lily the Florist was a very small part in which I had a scene with Alan Arkin and Ed Helms. Working with them was a great honor, as they both have such established and incredible careers. Watching them work was very exciting.

BW: Lastly, if you hadn’t become an actor, what do you think your profession would have been?

KMY: A dancer! I love ballet and musical theatre so much. I am always in awe by the amount of stamina, grace, and ease a dancer has.

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Photographer: Shanna Fisher

Stylist: Sonia Young

Makeup: Christina Guerra

Hair: Sara Denman

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